New Music Friday: May 24 2019

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We're so happy Hey Violet is back and dropping new songs for us.

“’Close My Eyes’ is essentially about living in a fantasy land, says front woman Rena Lovelis. “It’s about the idea of still wanting to be with an ex who has already moved on. There’s definitely a level of denial that goes into being in that sort of headspace because you’re basically rejecting the present reality and not allowing yourself to move forward. The song sounds very calm and chill but in the lyrical content there’s an air of tension because of that refusal to accept things as they are.”


After returning earlier this year from a nearly decade long hiatus with her 7-track EP Tokyo Love Hotel, Uffie is proving that she is 'ufficially' back with another brand new single "No Take Me Backs," out on all streaming platforms today.

"No Take Me Backs" pays homage to Uffie's earlier work with her signature pop-rap melodies and tongue-in-cheek lyricism while still maintaining the more self-aware and fun-loving pop sound that emerged on her most recent EP. It's a classic Uffie track that still fits right in with the sounds of 2019.

Thus far 2019 has been a massive comeback year for Uffie and she's proved that she still has the sparkle we fell in love with back in the mid-aughts.

CYN returns today with “Holy Roller,” a spirited new single that continues her mission to push the boundaries, both sonically and lyrically. The stellar new track, which is paired with a Lyric Video directed by Ally Pankiw is out via Unsub Records, and reaffirms the Michigan-born artist as one of the most refreshing songwriters and performers to emerge in pop in 2019. Stay tuned for the official music video, coming very soon!

Talking about the new single, which was penned by CYN and Matias Mora (“I’ll Still Have Me,” “Terrible Ideas”), CYN reveals, “Holy Roller is about sacred dedication and blind faith in someone. Although the lyrics are quite bold, I believe there is a marked adolescence present in the song. To me, the lyrics reveal the aftermath of a party from the night before but still remain serious in their declaration of a cult like devotion. I laughed out loud plenty of times while writing this song, and though I think it has an undeniable sense of quirk, I can hear the absolute climax of a romantic feeling in the chorus melody.”

An immensely gifted, singer-songwriter, Cassidy King is prepared to deliver her first single of 2019. Titled “I Can’t”it’s an intricately crafted pop cut that marries infectious production with the 21-year old’s naturally brilliant vocals and mesmeric lyrics alike.

With a handful of singles under her belt, Cassidy King has been able to quickly turn the heads of the pop community with her fluorescent vocals that glide throughout. She explains that the release is

“about going along with the warm summer feeling, that same feeling of warmth represents the honeymoon stage of a relationship to me. This song captures that stage where you just became intrigued by that certain someone and you're doing absolutely anything to get their attention.”

Rising pop star Miya Folick debuts a new song “Malibu Barbie” today! The song marks the first new material from Folick since her critically acclaimed debut album, Premonitions.

Of the new song Folick says, “‘Malibu Barbie’ is about my exploration of what being a woman means to me—it’s a longing for an ideal. It’s realizing that I can go to an extreme in pursuit of physical perfection, look around, and realize that I haven’t changed. I am still longing and seeking something more. Who I am is not a place at which I can arrive.”

Clairo announced her debut album Immunity and the entire thing will, of course, be co-produced by Clairo.

With 350-million combined global streams (and counting) under her belt, a Coachella debut in the bag, as well as sold out tours across North America, Europe and Asia, Clairo is ready to embark on a new chapter and certainly has the talent, credibility and fan base to carry her. Equipped with a stunning debut album titled ‘IMMUNITY’ -- co-produced by Rostam  (Vampire Weekend) -- ‘Bags’ offers listeners an exciting glimpse into the artist’s growth both as a young queer woman, straight out of college, who, instead of riding the wave of internet hype, took a chance, stepped out of the limelight and focused on what really mattered to her: making an incredible, cohesive body of work, that she can be truly proud of. 

Today, rising 20-year-old international pop singer and songwriter LOVA unveils her empowered and enlightened new single “I Can Do Better.” In the track, LOVA expresses her frustration with today’s society and the idea that women are expected to live in the shadow of men. Backed by acoustic guitar and bombastic beats, her voice snaps from elastic verses into an engaging chant, where she confidently declares: “You’re the problem not my gender, anything you can do I can do better. Anywhere you can go I can go further.” 

LOVA comments, “‘I Can Do Better’ is mostly talking to the “Male Boss” the “Alpha man” and the society as a whole. With “I Can Do Better” I’m saying that I’m tired of living in the shadow of men. I’m tired of men telling me what to do and how to do things. I don’t need no man to fix things for me, talk on my behalf or to pay for my dinner. We can clearly take care of ourselves and we should get far more credit and recognition for our achievements and knowledge than what we do in today’s society."

Her delivery gets even louder, and the lyrics cut even deeper on her forthcoming new EP which LOVA calls “a voice for all the strong but incredibly tired women, a call for the world’s attention and a call to all men”.

Carlie Hanson has come a long way from working at a McDonald's in Wisconsin. The rising pop artist just dropped "WYA" and the song is as honest and catchy as you would expect.

She sings, "Are you happy right now where you at, girl? Do you still get drunk when you're sad, girl? Did you finally find love in this mad world? Is it everything you thought? Are you happy right now where you at, girl? Did the money go straight to your head, girl? Did you grow up a little too fast, girl? 'Cause if you did, you can always go back girl."

THIS SONG IS GIVING ME SO MANY FEELINGS. Charlotte OC's gorgeous voice is perfect and this song

Charlotte OC told her fans on Instagram, "I was at this gig in London and was having a heart to heart with my friend in the toilet about my love life. As id finished the conversation a women came out the cubical and told me was overheard everything. She then asked my date of birth. After I told her she then told me 'stop trying to have ownership over somebody crave freedom so take it'. And she was right. I needed to be on my own. It was the first time I let the idea of being on my own sink in. It was crucial for me to write this song for myself and I think this is the most honest songs I’ve ever written."

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