New Music Friday: May 31 2019

emilytreadgold #1, New 9 Tracks

"DRESS LATER" is a conversation highlighting KAYTA’s struggle with anxiety and how she grows from it. With lyrics focusing on reassurance and growth, her mesmerizing vocals flutter over a mellow and entrancing beat to remind herself “all I gotta do is focus on the bright side, don’t let trouble come around and leave it behind.”

KAYTA says of “DRESS LATER”, “I’m actually talking to my anxiety, to the worries I make up in my head. But at the same time, it’s also comforting myself by repeating that no matter what is happening, it’s happening for me, not against me. By the end of the song, I’m reassuring people around me who also deal with anxiety sometimes, like we all do. Since I’ve grown from stressful situations, I’m now able to use my learnings to reassure others but also myself.”

Verite was one of our first interviews ever and I have been attached ever since, now she's back with the extremely vulnerable "gone" and I could not be more in love.

She said on Instagram, "i’m not always great with people and emotions. i’m eternally subtly disconnected. i met @madidiaz and @thekonradsnyder in nashville the day we wrote gone in one 12 hour session. i really don’t remember how it came together, but it was a journey. i don’t have many people who I can fully open up with and be my weird, intense, dark self with and i am insanely grateful & these people brought all of the feelings out of me and have taught me so much. there are so many brilliant people on my team who i could not function without. i feel so much love towards everyone who’s created this moment with me."

In "Plans" Maude trills animatedly over an ethereal soundscape, mid-tempo clunking drums, and phantasmagoric digital flourishes. Her vibrant DIY aesthetic is at once playfully nostalgic and brilliantly forward-thinking.

"'Plans' was a song I wrote in a backyard when I first went to California alone for music. It streamed out of me after hours of meditation and introspection. At the time, it was about a special moment of meeting someone for the first time... eyes meet across the room. But I’ve come to realize the song is about me, how I love. We phrase love as if it’s another person effecting us, but in actuality, it is ourselves changing and evolving and growing. Through love and heartbreak and crushes we see what we need and who we are. 'Plans' is a feeling for me; a warm and shimmering start of something new."

"Do Me" follows on the heels of "Broken" which catapulted into the Top 10 on the iTunes Pop Chart and introduced a more grounded, personal sound for Kim, blending her trademark pop with trap beats and elements of hip-hop. Kim also recently released singles "Blow It All," "Got My Number," "Sweet Spot," and "All I Do Is Cry."

Kim's musical direction is different from the campy but genius pop that she started out with, her new sound is more complex, more layered, but still completely Kim.

In typical fashion, she alerted her fans on Instagram saying, "to all my fello hoes out there ... please STANd for ur national anthem." 

SHAED has had a huge year, with "Trampoline" on that Apple commercial they've seen a ton of success (and streams). They just dropped "ISOU" and the song is a dream.

Chelsea Lee sings, "I can't listen when you run your mouth (Run your mouth)/ Try to listen when I spell it out (Spell it out) Another story I could live without/ Another reason I've been having doubts/ Guess I'm gonna have to spell it out/ ISOU / I'm so over you." 

Our unapologetic Swedish pop queen is back with "Glad He's Gone" and like usual she gives zero fucks.

She sings, "Blow him up on the weekends (Hmm) Did you give in to his ego? (Yup) Just to give a little confidence (No) I think you know it's time to let go (You're better off I'm glad that he's gone)"

Sounds about right.

Tove Lo reveals: “We've all been on both sides of the break up pep talk with our friends and we all know how good it feels to get your partner in crime back when they finally leave that idiot behind.” 

Riah has been making waves with her dreamy songs and she just announced her new "Heartbreak Magic" EP which will drop on June 28th. To preview the project, she gave us "Growing Up."

"Growing Up" features shimmering windchimes and whimsical harmonies that capture Riah’s mesmerizing vocals.

To record her solo EP, Riah traveled to Norman, OK to work with producer/engineer/composer Chad Copelin (Sufjan Stevens, Ben Rector). 'Heartbreak Magic' is as honest as it is adventurous, mixing raw vulnerability with effortless swagger and bold, unpredictable arrangements. In the end, that’s what it’s all about for Riah, chasing those singular moments when the artist and the audience are at once transported to another world, a world that blurs the lines between joy and sadness and ecstasy and heartbreak and fantasy and reality. Riah’s living in a dream, and she wants to take you there with her.

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