New Music Friday – November 16

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OMG Broods hello, hi, welcome. I'm so happy that Broods is making new pop jams. Their latest "Everything Goes (Wow)' is so different from their other songs but in a very cool way.

This song is positive and uplifting and will make you want to wake up early and be nice to people.

The lyrics sum it up: Cause they never hurt you, no/So I take it real slow baby/Now, now, now/They never hurt you, no/But everything goes baby/Wow, wow, wow.

They also announced a new album appropriately titled, "Don't Feed The Pop Monster" and we could not be more excited.

Laureline's dreamy music has made them one of our favorite acts this year.

Now, they've released their gorgeous EP "Folds in Your Clothes."

The group explores themes of past love and spirituality in their debut singles “I Love You” and “Nothing.” Laureline vocalists Chris and Ciera draw you into their emotional manifesto with metamodern themes and critique of irony. Laureline’s upcoming EP “Folds In Your Clothes” flows toward silence, beginning with the loudness of “I Love You”, “Restless” and “Nothing” and culminating with “Hum” and “Just Go Slow on Me”. This structure allows the listener to have more and more space to contemplate as the EP continues, allowing them to come back to the present moment in a meaningful way with hard-earned hopefulness and attention to detail.”

COIN is coming at us right now. The shimmering pop band from Nashville really hit it off with HWYNIYNT, y'all know what I mean.

They've been slowly climbing back into our lives with the summer smash "Growing Pains" and "Simple Romance." Now they've blessed us with "Cemetery."

The song is a tale of the richest man in the cemetery and a warning for those who put money over having a life.

The lyrics say it all, "Cut from diamonds, but he came from dust. Built a kingdom out of salt and blood. Owned a city, never saw the streets. Or the people that he'd never meet." 

Look at COIN teaching us how to love.

Introducing cool girl/ Emmy nominated actress turned singer Cait Fairbanks (she's on the soap "The Young And the Restless") and her new project Ginesse. She's so awesome- when she's not acting or making music you can find her taking photos and listening to true crime podcasts and watching Investigation Discovery. Our kind of girl.

She explains, "Bedford was inspired by the bully-like nature of nostalgia after a relationship. While living in New York I collected so many moments with this particular person especially in Brooklyn which inspired the title. It’s about how you can rewrite the movie in your head and forget the reality of why it even ended. The “It wasn’t that bad” stage of grieving. The “Am I actually missing them or am I just lonely?” Stage."

Rozzi's voice is so recognizable. I instantly know it's her and I live for that. Her new jam, "Lose My Number" keeps up with her unique-pop sound.

She sings, "Just because I treat you like no other. Don't mean that you can treat me like your mother. So baby, you can lose my number."

I think we all get where's she's coming from on that one.

Maggie Lindemann continues to elevate her music with dark, sultry tones - most recently with the newest single "Would I." An extremely personal track for Maggie, the song was written at one of the darkest periods of her life and touches on her struggles with mental illness.

She elaborated on what the song is about- "Would I" is about the inner struggles you face when dealing with mental illness, mine being depression for this song. Not feeling good enough, not feeling like you deserve love or happiness. Struggling with how to find yourself and trying to find happiness in substances. Going out every night to forget real life or even forget your name. It’s just about feeling hopeless and wanting a way out. I want people to realize mental health IS very serious. People need to stop being so hard on each other and start loving on each other.

Miya Folick's debut album Promonitions is seriously one of the best debuts this year and we just now put this banger in our playlist because you know what? We're a little late okay.

Her voice shifts effortlessly through different genres throughout the album but "Leave The Party" is just so catchy and she's such a badass.

Hailey Knox is seriously talented. She just dropped her Hardwired Mixtape and it's full of songs that show off her knack for honest writing and skills as a musician.

The mixtape includes her previously released singles, "Runaway"  "Bitch, Bitch, Bitch" “Don’t Got One” all perfect examples of her range. 

If you ever get the chance to see her live you will be so blown away.