New Music Friday – November 9

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LÉON dropped another song from her highly-anticipated self-titled album. THe song was written by LEON and produced by Norwegian duo, Electric. 

 “Falling” tells that all too familiar tale of knowing in your heart that a relationship is over, but having a hard time letting go. Seriously, these lyrics are hitting a little too hard right now. 

LÉON’s signature smoky vocals float above a bed of scintillating synths and foot-stomping percussion guaranteed to make you move. LÉON sings about forbidden love, torn between what feels good and what she knows is right.

 “Now I’m calling you up to see where you are. Why is it so easy to break the rules after dark? And we’re falling back together, we’re all over each other, tomorrow we’re falling apart,” she sings in the song’s rousing chorus.

If we haven't gushed about Sasha Sloan enough already, here's more.

Her new song "Older" just dropped and we're super emotional. The song is about getting older and wiser.

In the chorus she sings, "The older I get the more that I see/My parents aren't heroes, they're just like me. Loving is hard, it don't always work/You just try your best not to get hurt/I used to be mad but now I know/Sometimes it's better to let someone go/It just hadn't hit me yet/The older I get."

Breakout vocalist and songwriter Ella Vos debuts “Cast Away” today.

Vos explains, “‘Cast Away’—that’s how I felt while writing this song. I was exhausted, dragging myself along, and tired of everything around me. I’d just released my first album. I’d overcome post-partum depression. I should have been inspired, but I was collapsing. I hadn’t yet been diagnosed with lymphoma; but I knew something was wrong. I was so tired of being tired. This song is the moment before everything crashed and I realized there was nothing I could do.”

Lostboycrow teams up with Bea Miller for a new song.

"It began as an attempt to will my flu-ridden body out of bed one frostbitten night in Santa Fe and ended up being the first song written and recorded for the album," explains Lostboycrow of the new track.

"It is a reminder to love the very act of something for what it is and with whom we share it. To untangle our intentions and happiness from guessing at the future and enjoy something regardless of where or what it might bring us."

Rife with natural creative energy and endless high desert inspiration, Santa Fe, New Mexico served as the backdrop for Lostboycrow's full-length debut album, Santa Fe, due in early 2019 via Sony's RED MUSIC. 

Illicit Ghost just released a gorgeous cover of Pink Floyd's classic "Money."

She says, "So many people are driven by greed today – I try to stay away from people like that at all costs," explains Illicit Ghost. "Life is not about how much money you have, spent, or made…it’s about enriching each other’s lives with kindness, creativity and positivity. I thought about writing my own song about money but didn’t dare attempt it. When it comes to money, no one can say it better than Pink Floyd." 

A self proclaimed “loner” in high school, Ghost spent many weekends alone at night listening to “Dark Side of the Moon" to escape the otherwise unavoidable small town drama and gossip. "I always felt like an outsider because I was quiet. Music was my only escape to something bigger.”

"Money is a good way to give listeners an idea of what is yet to come without revealing too much too soon. My music has a lot of different sides to it. I’d also like people to get a better sense of my productions, as I did this one on my own.”

Today, Olivia O’Brien, releases her new song “Care Less More.” She's been dropping so many catchy songs lately and we can't get enough. 

Olivia said, “I’m so excited that “Care Less More” is finally out!  It was actually one of the more recent songs I made for the album. I wrote it with my best friend and co-writer Drumaq and Swedish producer and writer Anton and Tobias who worked on most of the project.  I wanted to have a little bit of fun with this song.  It’s definitely unique compared to my other stuff and leans on the more R&B side of my sound, which I love. I had the concept of “Care Less More” written in my iPhone notes for months and finally fleshing out the idea and seeing it come to life was so cool. I think it’s relatable because everyone seems to love to play games with people these days. I really hope everyone enjoys it as much as I do.”

Bay Ledges just dropped some new shimmering sounds for us and announced a new EP. In Waves, will be released on November 30 via S-Curve Records

The title of the EP speaks to a few things says Zach Hurd explains, “I'd been reading the autobiography, Barbarian Days by William Finnegan where he recounts his days as a big wave surfer. He talks about the experience of falling on some of these terrifying and monstrous waves and how the only way to really survive them is to relax your body as you get tossed around like a rag doll…panicking will only make you lose your oxygen more quickly.” He goes on to add, “I’d just gone through a breakup when I read that and it made me think of emotional waves I’d been feeling…it’s tempting to scramble for some sort of vice to make it go away but there's really no escaping it. I’d just try my best to let them pass through and maybe write some of it down.” 

Wichita's Crusoe came together in 2015 as a group of lone wolves - outcasts, if you will. A trio of talent lost in the city at night, but still alone even though it's a busy electric bed of music. Fronted by vocalist Jeremy Spring (Abandon Kansas, Glass Age), the band creates a relentlessly optimistic blend of alternative pop.

Crusoe just dropped their sparkling EP A Cure For Gravity and we were particularly taken by the moodier "Living with the Lights Out" but every song is anthemic with powerful choruses.