New Music Sunday: April 12 2020

emilytreadgold #1, New 9 Tracks

Our heartbreak queen just released her new song "Falling for You" and the story behind it is so cute.

She says, "Im very good at making every song i write very sad. i literally cannot help or stop myself. Since being a child i've always been attracted to the darker sounds and shades of life. However when my sister gave birth to my beautiful nephew Louis, i suddenly felt a whole new feeling id never felt before. Not only a whole new respect for love but a love for life itself. How amazing it is to be able to have a brand new member of the family that has little pieces of all the people you love and also to acquire a instant need to protect and love this human within a millisecond of meeting them. My mind had been well and truly blown and my heart had been stolen without me knowing. This song is about falling in love. This song is for my little Louis."

mxmtoon is queen of the dreamiest pop sons you've ever heard with a vocal range from the gods. Her new song "lessons" is the latest to drop from her upcoming EP.

She told Instagram, "lessons (officially released!) is about letting go and living in the moment. this song is part of my bigger project, dawn, coming out on 4/22!! the idea for dawn came from my personal challenge to write songs about the self, but to shift the focus outward and channel a sense of optimism and hope."

Sizzy Rocket doesn't hold anything back and her new song "Smells Like Sex" is just as bold and unapologetic as she is. The sex-positive anthem is right on brand for Sizzy's cool-girl vibe, with clever lyrics and unbeatable energy.

She says, “I knew that I wanted to make a sex positive anthem, something clever and sexy but still smart. Like, how do I talk about pussy in a fun, intelligent way?”

She nailed it.

“I wrote ‘Focus’ in my bathroom studio in my apartment in Brooklyn,” says EVAN GIIA. “It was the first time I experimented with layering different parts of my voice. It's a special song to me because it symbolizes focusing on the things that matter most to me in life. What keeps me grounded, happy and healthy. I am really happy to release this song, especially during times like these, when more than ever we need to be reminded of what really matters. I hope this will be a pick-me-up for my fans. We all need it right now!”

Delving into her struggles with mental health in a delicate and poetic stream of consciousness, "can I call you back?" is SHY at her most personal and vulnerable to-date. As she describes,

"I remember first experiencing anxiety when I was turning 13. At the time I didn’t know what that feeling was, only that it made me very sad, and extremely lonely. Last year I decided to finally share my struggles with anxiety with the people who listen to my music. Even though I know mental illness is common, I never really understood how widespread it was until I started receiving lots of messages from people who were sharing their own stories and struggles. Starting that conversation felt so important for me, and to keep it going I need to keep being honest with my music. ‘can I call you back?’ is a continuation of that.”

Our angel babies The Aces just keep getting better. Their new song "Lost Angeles" is absolutely gorgeous and totally resonates with anyone that lives here.

They said on Instagram, "This song originated from a poem Alisa wrote on a plane ride over to LA and explores allll of our mixed feelings about the city. It’s interesting how your experiences shape and twist cities or places for you. Sometimes for the best, sometimes for the worst."