New Music Sunday: April 19 2020

emilytreadgold #1, New 9 Tracks

LEON is always here to put us in our feels and make us extra emotional in isolation and it's totally fine. Her new song "Who You Lovin" is that kind of beautiful sadness that we can't get enough of.

She told Idolater, "I recall feeling kind of frustrated over a certain situation when we wrote it and that the lyrics came out right away, pretty much. It was as if I felt a mixture of being mad and really tired of someone, but also a strong need to be seen and feeling wanted at the same time. So all of those emotions ended up in this song. It feels like I’ve waited for the right moment to release ‘Who You Lovin’ so I’m really happy that I get to share it with everybody now."

Kelsy Karter is the ffuture of rock n' roll, she

"I don’t know if I’ve developed anxiety with growing pains or if that hyperactive imagination of mine was simply anxiety all along...but I can tell you I’m certainly no stranger to the devil on my shoulder. He’s not always kind, but he sure does keep me entertained," she says, "I began asking the questions - why I am the way that I am, who the f am I, why do I do the things that I do, oh no what have I done?! Let’s do it again, no! SHIT!….and so on and so forth. Those voices in my head once again taking over. We all deal with anxiety and depression in our own ways, and I think all those voices in our heads have their own unique perspectives. Mine just happens to be a cheeky little shit that gets me into trouble sometimes. But I’m dealing with him. And sometimes, we even get along a little."

Stefan Alexander's gorgeous EP "Cry Again" is out and we can't get enough of his insane voice.

He says, "I've consistently found that the times I can make myself vulnerable are the moments I feel most connected to other people, and that's really what the EP is all about."

Alex Stern writes lyrics that are so vulnerable and emotive. She's exactly what we need.

She said, “‘The Choice‘ is about accepting the truth and having the strength to confront both love and loss at the same time. The realization that you deserve more than convincing the wrong person how to love you the right way.”

Blu DeTiger remains the coolest person ever, if you're not familiar with her music you at LEAST must know her incredible Tik Toks. Her new song "Figure It Out" is a total jam and is very much needed for elevating your quarantine mood.

She says, "Wrote this song about a year ago but it feels even more relevant right now. Hope it makes you wanna twirl around in your room or wherever you are."

Love You Later makes shimmering pop with a twist and her new EP is the perfect embodiment of her sound.

She told Instagram, "It’s a celebration of letting go - it’s the ups + downs, twists + turns, good + bad times of a relationship that was pulling me away from myself and therefore, as an artist. HIWY is freedom, self-realization and acceptance, letting go, and growing into my own whole person again without needing a relationship (especially a toxic one) to fill in the gaps."

Oooph girl in red always hits us right in the feelings, "midnight love" is an ode to fuck-buddies and that fleeting feeling of lost love.

“I know I don't want to, be the one that you run to, when you got nowhere else to go, when you need some love, I know I'm the last one, you try to call but, I always give in, to give you it all”

Christian French is coming up fast, his songs are effervescent and bouncy with unforgettable melodies. His recent "i think too much" is relatable as he explores mental health and self-doubt but he keeps a sunny outlook. 

Marisa Maino's STAGES OF LOVE AND HEARTBREAK is a true examination of the span of a relationship. She perfectly finds each detail and emotion in each stage and this would be the perfect album to listen to after a breakup. She's confident but vulnerable and her edgy-pop has never sounded fresher.