New Music Sunday: April 5th 2020

emilytreadgold #1, New 9 Tracks

Ella Vos, an actual angel, just released her new song and it's the message we all need.

“‘Burning Bridges’ is about setting healthy boundaries. I’ve always struggled with boundaries and have a hard time speaking up for what I want or need. I constantly try to make everyone else feel okay, even if I suffer,” Vos says. “When I became a mom, had postpartum depression, got diagnosed with lymphoma and went through a divorce, it was clear that if I was going to survive, I needed to make some changes. I learned that taking care of myself first was the best way I could take care of the people around me.”

Marisa Maino is on the cusp of releasing her album but she gave us one more taste with "bored & brokenhearted." The song embodies her brand of clever pop with relatable lyrics and earwormy choruses.

LOVA is back at it with pop perfection.

"If you were to ask me how I would sound If I was a song, I think this would’ve been it. ‘Own Worst Enemy’ is raw and honest, playful and quirky, self-critical and personal but also flirtatious and badass, just like me. In this song, I talk a lot about my inner struggles and insecurities & one of them is that I’ve always tried to be the ‘perfect girl.’ So this song is a perfect introduction to my mind and for people to get to know me on a deeper and more personal level. But it’s also fun, feel good and is a perfect song for the Spring. So I hope that people want to dance to it as well!”

Liz Huett has the dreamiest voice and she just feels like she's your best friend. She's here to remind us that there's a light at the end of the tunnel with her gorgeous new song.

A fierce lil’ song channeling the falsifying sense of comfort that an egoistic superiority complex can fleetingly provide. until, of course, the realization dawns on you that this is just a coping mechanism for your own fear of being the authentic and vulnerable YOU, which has therefore kept you from experiencing the interconnectedness to everybody and everything. Aren’t we already everybody’s everything?! we’re all one big collective existing amongst each other unavoidably- i think thats become more than clear this month!!

Leah Capelle's stunning album about her journey to healing is a deep dive.
She says, "I withdrew from everyone for about a year writing this record. The songs come from my depressive episodes, drug-induced evenings, broken-heart breakdowns, first dating experiences as an openly bisexual woman, and eventually, beautiful moments of acceptance and healing. ‘triptych,’ to me, is not just a breakup album. It’s the story of how I had to lose myself - to lose everything I held close - to find myself again. Talking about struggles with mental health and substance abuse amidst the context of a breakup is a delicate balance – and it remains difficult to determine if I was just heartbroken, or genuinely performing acts of escapism. But ultimately, I don’t think it really matters. This is an album about life - the good and the bad, the beautiful and the ugly. I hope, in listening, it gives you even a fraction of the healing it has given me in creating it."

MishCatt just dropped her gorgeous EP The Real Pavo, with her new song "Pavo."

"This song is about feeling that delicious rebel flow in your veins and going against society. It's about creating your own movement, your own wave with whoever wants to join." MishCatt explains. "It's about giving full power to the vibration in your happiness and freedom."