New Music Sunday: August 16th 2020

emilytreadgold #1, New 9 Tracks

We've been so obsessed with Chelsea Collins' new song and her honesty about the meaning behind it.

She says, "I thank the heavens for my ex-boyfriend but way back when the saddest part of our relationship was when we were together but we felt like total strangers to a point in time where we both needed to lean on each other the most. Sometimes nothing drastic within love happens but you simply just grow apart. Falling in love is so beautiful and rare that you try your best fight and try to hold on to something that’s already gone."

Tally Spear's dark pop is bringing us all the cool girl vibes. Her new EP is incredible and we're obsessed with her take on "I Feel Free."

She says, "I wanted to transform the original Cream track from its 'light and happy' sound to something a little darker, offering an eerie contradiction to the positive lyrical repetition we hear in the song of 'I Feel Free'. This track is a definite contrast to the EP's themes of confusion and uncertainty, perhaps hinting to what I fundamentally desire."

Holly Humberstone is definitely a name you should know, her new song is so vulnerable and beautiful.

She says, "I wrote drop dead about a troubled & manipulative relationship that despite how bad it is, you can’t get out, because love can often be blinding. I think a lot of people have been through something where you’re with someone that was no good and for some reason all they have to do is look at you and you go straight back. I wanted the video concept to echo that feeling of something making you want to drop dead...  when the rug is pulled from underneath you and you're falling. I kept thinking about my failed driving tests and how awful they made me feel, so I decided to cover my dads car in learner plates and burn it down. My way of saying up yours to the driving tests.”

Cailin Russo holds nothing back and her new song "High" is an anthem.

Cailin describes the new song as “a projection of a mental trip through a house party, told from a broad perspective. It encompasses a multitude of trippy experiences and mental check ins,” she explains. “The story starts off a little lost and confused, definitely not sober. Walking through a party on a constantly evolving trip, going through moments of self-awareness and lack of control until you finally just give in to what’s happening around you.”

Alex Stern has always been our go-to for the down-to-earth material that feels like you're talking to your best friend.

She says, "This song came from a season in my life when I felt really lost, anxious and so alone. In the process of trying to become who I thought I was supposed to be, I’d truly forgotten who I was. ‘Somebody’ is my story and writing it healed me in ways I can’t really explain. I’m not here to pretend I have the answers. But here’s what I do know— being “somebody” will never be as important as making “someone” feel seen, valued and heard. I’m here to show up in all my messy truth, my fear, my hope and to share what’s real, because when I do, I’m set free. I hope this song reminds you that you deserve to be set free from every unsaid expectation and pressure that haunts you. You’re not alone in this unknown journey and you ARE somebody. Whether you know it or not...someone is inspired by, looks up to, and believes in you. Input your text here! The text element is intended for longform copy that could potentially include multiple paragraphs."

Karolina Rose is one of our favs and for good reason,  her songs are so poetic and meaningful. Her latest just hits us hard.

She says, "It’s the little white lies that uncover the biggest lies. They build like little clues to the breaking point. The song references the water-bearer (Aquarius reference) uncovering the lies and washing them out in water. She is cleansing the lies and creating an equilibrium of purity once again. Besides water, there’s a running theme of White Horses that are all-knowing & all-seeing. They stand guard. The lies can’t get past. This was written as a giant metaphor in my head from a personal experience."

Violet Days know how to make a melody stick, but they also know how to craft lyrics that can't get out of your mind. Their new song "Still Dreaming" is perfect for sun-soaked days spent wondering out that one lost love that you can't shake. The lyric, "If nothing lasts forever and time will make it better, why am I still dreaming about you?" can drive you crazy. There is so much to think about right now and so much time to really figure out your feelings, so this song is stuck in our minds and we're not mad about it.