New Music Sunday: August 2 2020

emilytreadgold #1, New 9 Tracks

Dai Burger is killing it right now, her new EP is so powerful and honestly just makes you feel like a badass. She's completely fearless in her delivery and is definitely staking out her claim as one of the hottest up-and-comers in the rap game rn.

Maty Noyes promised us the "the most positive break up song of all time" an she delivered. Sometimes it's nice to remember the positive aspects of a breakup. 

She said on Instagram, "sometimes breakups can ruin your life for a minute but eventually it gets better and this song is all about seeing the bright side if u can"

Ella Vos has a new album out and we can't deal with her dreamy voice and vulnerable lyrics, it's just giving us life right now.

We love Zella Day's ethereal vibes rn, and her new song "Only A Dream" is perfect for long, hazy summer days. “There are times we must bury our broken hearts in the garden so that spring can do the work we cannot do ourselves,” said Zella about the song. “Living in the memory of what was eventually becomes a memory in itself. The years grow like flowers and the faint scent of love hangs low so that we may remember all of those we wish not to forget.”