New Music Sunday: August 23rd 2020

emilytreadgold #1, New 9 Tracks

Troye Sivan is the king of dreamy emotional pop and his new EP is a masterpiece. We're partial to the title track.

He told Coup de Main, "I think that song came about in such a weird way, it sounds gnarly depressing because it kind of it, but I woke up crying for the first time in my entire life which was…a fun experience. Then I went into the studio that day, and I was just talking about it. I was like “That was the weirdest; I just had the weirdest start to my day ever,” and I was just super in my feelings."

Illicit Ghost is bringing us so many feelings with this gorgeous new song that we totally need right now. 

She said, “This is a song about learning to be present. It’s about acknowledging difficult feelings and doing the work to heal, move forward and live in the moment.”

FLETCHER just keeps the bops coming, her new song "FEEL" has been on fans radar for a long time. She's been performing it at her live shows and the studio version definitely doesn't disappoint.

"I remember that time when you took my hand
Looked into my eye said, "I got you, darling"
Shivers up my spine and down my back
Somersaults inside my stomach
You let the sparks fly high into the night
And I tried to hold them
I'm reeling in the ash and smoke
'Cause you came and broke my heart wide open"

KTJ & Carly just keep giving us more and more to love. Their powerful, sultry new song has been on loop. They said, "this song is about the enablers of today, in all different kinds of relationships & of course it’s always up for your own interpretation."

CXLOE can take personal pain and turn it into a slick dark-pop piece like no one else.

She says, “‘One and Lonely’ is all about loneliness. I spend a majority of the year away from my partner, and it always weighs on me heavily. This song talks about the endless flights and sleepless nights away from each other and how heavy this feeling is. I know I can be too much sometimes, and this song touches on these elements of push and pull that I put my partner through. ‘You’ll always be my One and Lonely’ is probably one of my favorite lines off the whole EP. It captures love and sadness in a matter of words.”

Our fav indie-pop bois Nightly are announcing their debut album in a big way. Their new song "summer" is just *chefs kiss* what we need right now. It's keeping us calm and happy.

"Three nights in the valley tan lines on your body
Twenty two and reckless swear to God that I miss
When nothing really mattered on your kitchen counter
Your hands in my sweatshirt when I think of summer
I think of you
I think of you
When I think of summer, I think of you"