New Music Sunday: December 13th 2020

emilytreadgold #1, New 9 Tracks

I worry about Kitten being cooped up all day in the pandemic, their insane energy really can't be confined. Their new song "Daddy Don't Take My Phone" is a build-up of that angst with a Freudian twist.

Singer Chloe Chaidez says "This year I felt trapped. My emotions felt childlike, and the helplessness of 2020 angered me. 'Daddy Don't Take My Phone Away' channels all that in the most epic way possible."

Daniel Wilson's voice is the definition of the word gorgeous. It's absolutely heavenly and his song "Near Me" is the perfect dreamy song to get you through your worst days.

The song is about how love can create stability in lives that don’t have can’t easily receive it. Whether the person that gave love is still there or not, all the good it did can be kept and nurtured. 

Emma Charles has the sweetest voice, and her haunting melodies really stick with you. She just bleeds vulnerability and authenticity in a way that the music scene desperately needs. Her new song "Fog" embodies everything we love about her, poetic lyrics, ethereal vocals, with soft pianos but a dynamic chorus. It's effortlessly cathartic—the perfect soundtrack for the moment. 
I am a sucker for a good cover. CLOVES has such an insane voice and hearing her cover one of my favorite songs "Gone" by Charli XCX and Christine and the Queens, is just perfection. I love when artists make a song their own without making it completely indistinguishable from the original and this just hits the nail on the head.

Foxes just keeps getting better. Her song "Hollywood" embodies everything we love and hate about Hollywood. Her voice is absolutely stunning in this song. It just breaks the heart.

She says, "I was possibly in the worst place I’ve ever been emotionally when I wrote this song, but as always with music it gave me a huge cathartic release to write and marked the beginning of a new period of my life."