New Music Sunday: December 8th 2019

emilytreadgold #1, New 9 Tracks

LIVING for this collab. Sizzy and chloe mk teamed up for two amazing songs. chloe mk talked about BODY on Instagram saying, "Body" is obviously a baddie club anthem, but i feel like it's also a political anthem. We're all aware of the cultural/societal implications on a woman's body. Right now we are in an extremely influential time... A time where women can be shameless and proud of their bodies, and at the same time feel hopelessly defined by their bodies. Some women choose to wear no clothes. Some women choose to cover every inch of themselves. I personally believe that the most important part of all of this... is having a "choice". I am so proud to be alive in 2019. Change can be intimidating to some ppl, but it's so liberating!! If a powerful woman isn't a "big deal" to you or doesn't feel "important", grow up. we WILL know and visually WITNESS equal representation of (identifying) men AND WOMEN in positions of power. everyone deserves to grow up with the understanding that their identity is their own personal CHOICE. How you dress. How you express yourself. How you live. IT'S YOUR DECISION." 

Allie X and Troye Sivan is a match made in heaven.

She told Instagram, "Love Me Wrong is a very personal song for me, which deals with the confusion and hurt associated with familial love. Mostly taken from feelings I had when I was younger, this is a song about being misunderstood by the ones closest to you. You know that you they love you, but you feel it isn't for the full person you are. The relationship between a parent and child is so intense and layered, that it was liberating to put it into the simple phrase ‘you love me wrong’ and repeat it over and over in the chorus. I hope that those of you dealing with similar feelings can find solace in this song."

Merci Raines is back with her signature sound. "Sharpening My Senses" is beautiful and haunting with a  hint of danger.

She says, "SMS is pretty much just about growth after a let down. I think being deceived/disappointed by a person you once trusted is one of the shittiest feelings, and I wanted to make something that highlighted the learning lesson over the hurt. It’s a thanks for the lesson kinda thing. I’ll see the bullshit next time it comes around. "

As the freshly bracing moment gives way to a blanket of gentle strumming, playful drums, and gliding synths, it’s easy to see: Ryan has an indelible ear for smashes. "ICIMY" - meaning ‘In Case I Miss You’ - is a flex, a testing of her running feet, as Ryan gears up for her proper debut LP in 2020. Ryan says about the musical inspiration for "ICIMY," "I was interested in channeling elements of Sufjan Stevens’ 'Age of Adz' for the album. The soundscape and the glitchy-smooth instrumentation has always stuck with me since I first heard it. I remember really wanting to tap into that for this record, and when we were working on ICIMY, I felt that spark. The electronic snap and crunch of the drums, the soft yet booming chords of the piano, all driven by a plucking guitar... somehow it reminded me of what I love about Sufjan’s work."

Weathers really read my mind because "Always Tired" is my whole lifestyle. The song is a retro-pop-rock jam and according to frontman   Cameron Boyer is about "feeling so freakin tired all the time to the point where it feels like it’s just a habit." Weathers is about to embark on a tour with pop darings Echosmith and are definitely ones to watch right now.

ALMA is the new voice of power-pop and she just dropped a killer remix.
ALMA says, “'Bad News Baby' is my alter ego who can do anything and is unbreakable. She is fearless, she is anxiety free, she doesn’t care what you think of her.” "Bad News Baby" follows the release of title track "Have U Seen Her?" and "Worst Behaviour" with Grammy nominated Tove Lo. It also follows a long list of collaborations including Dua Lipa "IDGAF", Tove Lo "bitches", and Charli XCX "Out of My Head".
ABISHA has been crushing it, and she just dropped her new song "Love Like This" and we can't get enough. She says, “I think it’s so important for artists to be open, because it helps other people to feel comfortable with themselves - especially people who come from a place like I did, where they don’t have anyone they can relate to or talk to,” she says. “I’d love for my music to get through to people and help them understand that how they feel is completely okay, and they don’t ever have to hide who they truly are.”