New Music Sunday: February 16 2020

emilytreadgold #1, New 9 Tracks

DEVMO and FLAVIA are the total dream team and "Running Home" is just incredible.

DEVMO says, "I wrote this song when I was happily in love with my ex. Home is more than just a place. Home is where you feel loved and comfortable. My ex was home to me and every time I left for work or went out to see family and friends, I couldn't wait to get back home to my person. Being in love happens in the little moments. Waking up next to your partner, making them coffee, cooking with them, brushing your teeth while your partner is showering, or doing laundry together. Home is where love happens and when you have that, you run home!

RALPH just dropped another beautiful happy/sad song and we're always game for some cry-dancing. She says, "I wrote ‘Superbloom’ when I was running in LA. It had been raining a lot which sparked this beautiful desert phenomenon where dormant wildflowers suddenly bloom everywhere and cover the ground for miles. I kept hearing the word mentioned all around me and began to feel weirdly aligned with it. Things in Toronto were feeling emotional and complicated so the idea of a Superbloom became this hopeful mantra for me that things could change and get better.​​​​​​​"

Kim Petras is absolutely unstoppable, and her new song "Reminds Me" just continues her reign of pop queen. Seriously, every song is a smash. She said on Instagram, "i wanted to make a song for everyone else that might not be getting flowers n chocolates this valentines day." We feel that. She's joining Camila Cabello on tour and we just can't wait to see her all the time.

Disco Shrine is absolutely crushing it right now. Her new song "Turn on the Lights" is absolutely what I needed to hear for Valentines, it's hard out there and sometimes you have to love yourself the most. Disco Shrine knows the best time is with herself. She said, "I dedicate this one to all the broken hearted bbs. Let’s be each others Valentines." 

Cailin Russo's new EP "The Drama" is the perfect soundtrack for your life right now. The lead-single of the EP, "Declaration" is a force. Cailin calls the song “a fierce proclamation of a mistake from which I couldn’t seem to escape,”explaining that “the song comes from that feeling where you almost reach the bottom and you have nothing to do but accept it, own it and let it run its course.”A gentle coo cruises over a thudding beat between echoes of guitar as she candidly admits,“This is the declaration of a fuck up, a product of how I was raised, and I can’t expect a single teardrop. Whoa, I am ashamed.

CRAY released that perfect weird Valentine's song if you're a little twisted, and we now CRAY is, but in the coolest way.

CRAY told The Fader, "Writing 'Butterflies' was probably the most fun I’ve had in the studio in a long time. I feel like I’ve finally found my sound so it came pretty naturally for this record. I was inspired by those moments when you meet someone you really like or having a feeling of a crush on someone. But of course it’s not a CRAY song without a little weirdness. You ever think someone is so cute you wanna bite their heads off?"

Our fav dreamy pop songstress just dropped another gorg song. "Pavo" is sun-soaked perfection with a chorus you want to dance to, I imagine this like getting ready with the girls for a night out. No negative energy allowed.