New Music Sunday: February 2 2020

emilytreadgold #1, New 9 Tracks

My angel Donna is back with another emotional power pop masterpiece and I am beyond ready to hear more.

“Letting someone go doesn’t have to signify loss and pain exclusively,” says Donna Missal. “There can be wide open space on the other side of that to feel autonomy, freedom, and room to grow. it doesn’t have to suck! And you don’t have to be hurt by change.”

Speaking of emotions, Charlotte OC makes me feel all the feels in her new song "This Pain."

She says: "This Pain" is the first song I ever attempted to produce. I've always written my own music but production was alien to me, Then one day when I just really needed to write this song, to release the green eyed monster that was stirring inside my stomach  - I downloaded logic and started to produce. I took what I'd done to Tim Anderson - an amazing producer I work with a lot & who produced my ‘careless people’ album . I was super nervous and kind of embarrassed to play such an incredible producer my bedroom demos but his reaction was so wonderful and when he said 'I’ve been waiting for you to do this” I suddenly felt 10ft taller. So "This Pain" became the blueprint for the entire EP.”

SHEARE's song "Typical" is something we can all relate to, wanting someone so bad but they seem to be just out of reach. The song is coated in the sugariest of indie pop melodies but still you feel that yearning. The perfect combo.

COBI's "No Way Out" is  about as raw as it gets. The song shows off his incredible voice and the highlight is really his vulnerability.
In his own words, COBI allows us a glimpse into his mind as he describes the thoughts that led to "No Way Out": "Sometimes life choices pile up and become an avalanche, burying us under a mountain of our own mistakes. Struggles with addiction, mental illness, and depression, often lead to scorched relationships and overwhelming loneliness. "No Way Out" is an expression of being trapped in a hole of your own digging, hoping someone will come along and pull you out."
Our sad queen Leah Capelle just dropped "on accident" and we didn't really need to cry today but that's fine. She says, "'on accident' is a very vulnerable track - though enhanced by the visceral drum arrangement and pulsating synth parts, it's a meditation on weakness at its core. It's difficult to accept your faults, your selfish habits, your flaws - and even harder to ask for forgiveness in light of those flaws. But there is strength in brutal yet tender self-awareness."
Allie X just keeeeps putting out the most perfect dark-pop.
She says, “The lyrics to ‘Devil I Know’ follow my inner dialogue as I address my abuser directly. ‘Everytime I take your lead feels like a curse. Everytime I try to stop, feels even worse. Baby you’re the devil I know. Better than the devil I don’t...,” explains Allie X. “What the listener realizes as the song goes on, is that I am actually singing to myself as the perpetrator, inflicting all my own suffering. ‘I could scream somebody help me out. But the wicked one is me.’ This is a song about your own inner demons, how difficult it is to quiet them, and how easy it is to stay embraced in their arms.”