New Music Sunday: February 21st 2021

emilytreadgold #1, New 9 Tracks

80s vibes all over the place, we're such fans of HYRA's insane pop style. This song just is glimmering, there's so much going on and it works so well. When the chorus hits you just need to dance. Madonna but make it modern.

MINOE's gorgeous new song "Crazy" is such a cathartic song, you really feel her emotions coming through. It's such an important reminder, love yourself first.

“Crazy is a track I wrote about finding myself being more alone than I’ve ever been, but finally regaining happiness after an abusive relationship. I wrote it in the middle of a creative breakthrough in August. I had started understanding myself as an artist better than ever before after isolation from both the breakup and through quarantine. I was forced to be really honest with myself, and at that point I really needed it. It was after writing this song that I knew I wanted to do a full EP.”

Tessa Kaye just dropped a new song about the double standards between men and women and serves as the perfect reminder that we only need to please ourselves.

Kaye shares, "Every woman I know has stories of times they’ve been told to smile… usually from men, and complete strangers at that. I’ve also experienced this countless times myself since I was a little girl. It’s something I’ve never understood, and grown quite tired of, hence this song being born."
OSTON's haunting new song is about turning a sad situation into something that makes you stronger and let me tell you...this song is IT. Her ethereal voice and the vulnerable lyrics are the perfect combo.
Mia Madden's new song makes you feel like you're living in a dream. The soft guitars and the steady, pulsating beat, perfectly accent her gorgeous voice. When she sings, "You'll never see me again" it's like this beautiful send-off. This song is just so hypnotizing.