New Music Sunday: February 23 2020

emilytreadgold #1, New 9 Tracks

Beauty Queen's new song "Sweet Memory" is absolutely stunning.
She says, "I wrote the first line of 'Sweet Memory' during one of my 2.2-mile walking commutes from the ramen restaurant I worked at, to the eight bedroom house I lived in during my time in San Francisco. I couldn't take the bus because I get motion needless to say I got a lot of exercise when I lived there. Walking at night was so peaceful, yet, I did find there to be moments when someone would be striding towards me and I'd wonder...who is this person? Why are they walking? To where? From where? I liked living in a walking city because I got to see a lot of people in their day to day."

Marisa Maino is BACK and we're so excited because she's teasing an upcoming album, but for now we'll just appreciate her new single "want u like that." It's our dream of edgy pop and we can't wait to hear more.

Illicit Ghost has such a unique style. Her new song "Wide Open" follows that vulnerability with an edge that we love her for.

She says, “This is a song about learning to laugh when someone says you can’t do something or achieve your goals. When someone tells me that, it fires me up and makes me work that much harder.”


Allie X's new album is absolutely stunning. We've been obsessed with her for a long time and each track on this is so her style and so catchy.

She says, "This record is dedicated to you, who can’t find simple words to explain your pain. You who feel like an outsider for life. You who feel disconnected from your body and dissociated from your feelings. You who the boys make fun of. You with the pot belly. You with the buck teeth. You who are told you can’t, but deep down inside know you can. You who are sick. You who dream quietly. May you find solace in this record and in your own arms."

On their new single, “Almost True,” KTJ & CARLY reflect on the unique way we present our perfect life to the world. When we never really know what’s happening beneath the surface of a smile, it's easy to take everyone at face value. The atmospheric synths meld into a booming rhythm that provides the perfect vehicle for their dynamic, soulful vocals. Each verse contains a story of its own, building on the idea that we’re all hiding a little pain inside. The duo, who consistently mixes urban pop influences with introspective lyrics, hit yet another single out of the park on “Almost True.” 

ellie d. has the purest voice and her lyrics really hit home.

She says, "'Better' is about the feelings that come out late at night and the decisions we ultimately make to either act on them or leave them be. Sometimes you want to hit that person up or go and see them, but it’s not always the best decision."