New Music Sunday: January 17th 2021

emilytreadgold #1, New 9 Tracks

Pearl Charles has really come into her sound. Her new album Magic Mirror is laced with disco vibes and western aesthetics but it all works and blends together in a way that's uniquely hers. "Only for Tonight" is a clear standout delivering us the ABBA energy we've been craving. But she's not afraid to give us the dreamy ballads like "Don't Feel Like Myself" and we get some heavy Fleetwood Mac vibes on "Slipping Away." Overall, this album is perfection. 

Kitten's energy just bursts through this song. The flawless, unique, production and Chloe's whispery vocals really drive this home.

She sings,

"I laugh out loud when it’s not polite
I wear my clothes to tight
I get stains on the nicest dress
It’s quite the sight
I need to thank you everyday
You should’ve stayed away
Forgive me like never before
It’s a brand new day"

Luna Shadows shares her hauntingly beautiful new song "nite swim." We're obsessed with the dark imagery, the gorgeous melodies, and her ethereal voice.

She says, "When I think of the extremely problematic R+J, a lot of their tragedy is based on farcical miscommunication that could've been so easily avoided in 2021. Yet in an age of instant & excessive communication, there has been a sharp rise in youth depression, suicide, and overall unhappiness. This song masquerades as euphoric but underneath raises some fairly dark questions re: technology and our mental health."

Rachel Honza's dreamy "long sleeves" is like The 1975 and Taylor Swift had a love child. Those shimmering melodies build into this cathartic chorus. It just tugs at your emotions and it's making me miss all of my exes. Very dangerous.
Eraste's voice immediately hooked me, it's so unique and light. The 80's flavors in this song is giving me so much life. It's like a burst of light. Still new on the scene, Eraste is definitely someone to keep on your radar. I feel like we've all been at the point where we miss someone so much and we just can't let go.
Jae Stephens just always delivers. The cool-girl energy is off the charts. Lush and dark, this is giving me The Weeknd vibes, but with an IDGAF message. Like she says on Instagram, "everybody go slash your ex's tires to this."