New Music Sunday: July 21 2019

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MAX has been really crushing it this summer. His song "Love Me Less" really exploded and his new song "Acid Dreams" follows that energy. The song highlights his soulful voice and love for brass.

He told Substream Mag, “I knew immediately that this was a special record when I wrote my first verse instantaneously in front of my wife while she was in the room,” he said. “My partner Ryan from Party Pupils sent me this beat while I was very high on legal marijuana with my wife chilling with my dog. I was immediately inspired and wrote all of my verses right in front of her about her, which I had never done before. Definitely bring[s] me back to my funk and soul roots."

"Chakra" is the new song from Lo Boii and it's a colorful and energetic electro-R&B song that you need to hear.

With lyrics like, "I been minding my business/ Still ain’t rich but I’m chillin/ In that space that’s fulfilling /In my bag but ain’t Birken/ Learned a lot from observing (Working)/Can’t move back I move forward/ My mind state is a torrent/Download for your enjoyment/And you know I’m for real"

They're on their own level.

KTJ & CARLY just sold out the Hotel Cafe in LA after the release of their new song "On Your Mind."

KTJ said, "The story behind On Your Mind is interesting, because it is from two points of views. (Literally) I say this because we both have been in the shoes of both sides: being attracted to the guy who is a distraction and being the person that tells them to stop. The way that we interpreted the song was the first verse talking about how they are intrigued by this person who is mysterious and suave, and how they are attracted to them. Then in the pre-chorus realizing their distraction from what is important and the chorus, the second verse, through the end almost work as a timeline. Someone starts off fascinated by their S.O. and then they come to find that they are just a distraction and selfish. They are people who think that everyone benefits when they are around when in reality they only hold you down. This song is about relationships, it's about curiosity of the unknown, it’s about magic, and it’s about toxicity. It’s about anything you want it to be. It’s up for interpretation"

Cloe Wilder's second single is filled with flawless, lilting vocals surrounded by an atmosphere of acoustics, electrically charged snares, and wooden percussion. 

She shared on Instagram, "this song is about some of the people that impacted me the most, and I almost let them become a memory way earlier than they should have. friends are a tough thing for me to write about, because I’m so used to playing pretend with writing (my age requires that sometimes), but this is anything but that - this was real, and no song I’ve written has done reality justice."

Right off a headline mini tour of the U.S., Hey Violet just dropped their new song "Queen Of The Night." 
“’Queen Of The Night’ is about the desire to be with someone just for the adrenaline rush.  It’s something I’ve learned to balance in relationships but sometimes you just have to decide to go for it, says front woman Rena Lovelis. “This song is a bit slower than the previous two tracks but when we played it live for the first time on tour our fans immediately latched on to it. It was really special to see the looks on their faces taking it all in.”