New Music Sunday: July 5th

emilytreadgold #1, New 9 Tracks

Niki Black DELIVERED with her new song "American Spirits."

She said, "What does it mean to have American Spirit? Is that even real? Is this a fabricated, nationalistic lie meant to cover up the neo-colonial system that America truly holds? Can I still connect with my American Spirits as the daughter of an Iranian immigrant mother? This song is an answer to that, yes, I can and I will - but trust me, this will come with a lot of uncovering and opposition against the unjust reality of what America has meant since its bloody conception and its chaotic violent reality today."

LANY always delivers, their new song strikes a sad but beautiful chord during these times.

They sais, “if this is the last time” is a love letter to family. call ur mom call ur dad call ur friends don’t waste a moment

Savannah Conley is the sonic love child of Oasis and Dolly Parton. She combines musical nostalgia and genre blending in such a unique way. I've been listening to her "Never Want to be in Love" nonstop.

ABISHA is one of our favorite up-and-comers and she just keeps knocking it out of the park!

She says, “‘One Night’ was one of those songs that just needed to be written. I had so much emotion inside me and I needed so badly to release it. It’s an apology... reminiscence and closure in the form of a song. As soon as I got to the studio, the words poured out because it was so fresh within me. Toby Scott nailed the production instantly and encapsulated the message perfectly."

Lxandra creates the dreamiest pop with these soulful undertones that are so original. Her new song is about being vulnerable and we're here for it.

She says, "I hope it will give you some strength or comfort or both. Vulnerability is strength. As said many times: you can’t love someone else before you learn to love yourself."