New Music Sunday: July 7th 2019

emilytreadgold #1, New 9 Tracks

The second taste of the new Night Riots album "Leave Us Alone" is a sparkling synth-driven song with my favorite theme: leaving people alone.

"Leave us alone we're not the problem. Two sides of us the same disease, breath. Circle around until you hit the bottom. The endless story just repeats"

Their album New State Of Mind is dropping on July 26th.

Anti-pop star, tiLLie just dropped the cover of the summer. Her take on The Darkness classic, "I Belive In a Thing Called Love" is exactly what a cover should be, honors the original but sounds like her own.

She told her Instagram fans, "i covered “I believe in a thing called love” by @theactualdarkness just in time for summer - turn that shit up real loud and make sure u got ur bass turned up cus that shit gets funky 😋 thanks 2 @warnermusicuk for asking me to do a cover + thanks to myself for picking one of my all time fav singalongs."

Uffie is hitting hard with her new song "Mine," a melodic electronic perfection that calls back to Uffie’s signature “party-ready” sound while still maintaining the more nuanced pop aptitude that the French-American artist has demonstrated in her recent work.

In conversation with V Magazine, Uffie explains that "Mine" was inspired by "all the possibilities and promises of adventure and mystery" that warm weather brings. The song is sexy and spontaneous, just like the summer season.

Laureline is truly one of the most magical bands out there right now, their new song "Holding You, Holding Me" has the mellow vocals and poetic lyrics that has become their signature. It's the perfect song to lead up to their debut album release.

There is no one quite like Petite Meller, she is in a world of her own. Her new song "Aeroplane."

Tribal North African wedding drums, rooted in the origins of Petite’s mother, give way to shimmering strumming before spiraling off towards a tropically-inspired bridge. Her voice careens from bouncy verses into an immediately irresistible call-and-response chant: “The way my body goes, high and low around the globe, the way my body goes, like an aeroplane coast to coast.

She says, "I wrote it while I was on an ‘Aeroplane', traveling to record my new album. I went on my own to Rio de Janeiro to write with local producers I met online.” She adds: “Every time I go low, the music takes me high. When I’m broken, I turn up the volume and feel my body flying through every country, border, space and time, above everything - floating as a bird, coast to coast. Between airpods and airdrops, I feel like I am an Aeroplane taking people off the ground - that's my mission.”

Ralph is unstoppable. She just announced her upcoming EP and the first song off of it is "Gravity" a gorgeous 90's house party groove that stays modern with Ralph's unique voice.

She says, "When I was younger, Electric Circus was the coolest thing happening in Toronto. I would try to stay up late so I could watch the furry cowboy hats and tube tops on TV, and I truly wanted to grow up so I could dance at EC. This song is an ode to 90s house with a contemporary pop flair. I want to make people dance to this one."

Julia Michaels continues to just stab at our hearts with her vulnerability. Her Inner Monologue Part 2 is stunning.

She told Billboard, “Some songs came after being heartbroken, some came when I was in love with somebody,” she explains. “Some came when I was in a dark place, just with myself. Lyrically...I tried to just be purely, authentically me -- four songs were written by myself, which is the most songs written by myself on a release that I’ve done, which is pretty scary. … There’s nothing scarier than putting out a song that’s close to your heart and people not liking it, because it’s almost like they’re saying that they don’t like a part of you. That’s super scary. But this is why I do what I do.”

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