New Music Sunday: June 23 2019

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Jena Rose is back with her insanely catchy songs! "Mad Man" is relatable af and we love it.

She told Affinity, “The song talks about being in love with, well, a ‘mad man.’ This ‘Mad Man’ can be your girlfriend, boyfriend, friend from school, teacher, mom, dad, or anyone you feel you can relate it to. I know we’ve all been in an unhealthy situation where someone is pulling you down and inhibiting your full potential. When I wrote the song, I included multiple religious words/lines that help stress that this person plays the role of the devil. I was watching The Handmaid’s Tale at the time so I might’ve unintentionally used that as a reference!”

Brasko never disappoints, his cover of the T Rex classic "20th Century Boy" solidifies his glam rock status.

He told Substream, “I knew my vocals were going to be very sassy & bitchy so I wanted to balance out the track with some bravado under it. For the big “AHHHH’s” our computer kept crashing because Gabe and I made like 70 tracks of us screaming at the top of our lungs. We also tracked every guitar part multiple times but with slightly different tones.”

FLAVIA is doing great, her new song "Damn Life Is Good" is your new Summer anthem.

She sings, "I told you not to worry. 'Cause I'm never gonna hurt you. With forever, what's the hurry?When we've got so much to hold on to. When there's room for doubt. You're so quick to shut it out. One look you got me feeling weak. One touch and I'm on my knees"

We're happy when FLAVIA is happy!

Carlos Vara is climbing up the charts with his knack for pop melodies and vulnerable lyrics.

He told Pop Craze, "Impossible was written a while back actually before I even got signed, and I was going through a really, really rough time in my life. I hated myself. I’ve always struggled with a low self-esteem and poor self-image and just blaming myself for everything and just getting in my own way. And I think it was at 3:00 AM one morning, and I was sitting on my keyboard, and I sang the lyrics impossible, I’m so impossible, you’re so impossible, we’re so impossible without melody. I had a first melody, but I didn’t really know what it meant. I brought it into a session with two of my co-writers and I showed it to them, and we started writing a song. At first, it was more of a relationship type vibe, like a relationship with somebody. And mid-way through I was like, “This isn’t connecting. This isn’t genuine. I refuse to release a song about a made up situation. I’m not going to do it.” Then I kind of had a moment and I was like, “Oh shit. This song is about me. This song is me singing to myself. Me battling with my inner demons, me battling with my self-esteem, me battling with being in love.” For some reason, I couldn’t get out of this rut of this impossible relationship with myself. And that song’s just really about kind of me confronting myself."

Hyleen's powerful and husky voice has the ability to captivate audiences wherever she goes. Her song "My Queen" and the accompanying visual (look at the videos below) are both so gorgeous.
Directed by her brother Hadrien Besse, Mathilde Leclerc and shot near Etretat cliffs in France, the music video is a heartwarming tribute to her mother: "This song is dedicated to all the strong, marvelous and beautiful women who make us a better person. Here's to our moms, our heroines and to my personal Queen that I miss so much." The song was recorded in Los Angeles at the Greene Room Studio and was mixed by Q Million (Robert Glasper, Quincy Jones, Jill Scott).

Iris has the dreamiest voice and her new song "Wait" totally shows it off.

She said, "You can’t control when a relationship is over, nor can you just turn your feelings off. Sometimes, the other person just doesn’t understand that it’s not so black and white - there’s a million shades of gray."

Chloé Caroline has big plans in 2019 with the release of her new single "Messy" on June 7th. With its biting lyrical commentary, she touches on a range of issues from the effects of social media to the darker subject of opioid addiction. With a spoken word-esque verse delivery, the song is blunt and honest but there remains a hopeful/upbeat tone thanks to the signature guitar riff and the resolving hook. Per the title, "Messy" is about celebrating life against all of its--well, messiness. 
Chloé says, "All of our lives are messy in their own ways--the ups and downs of life are what mold our stories. But it's easy in a world with so much noise (cough: social media) to get bogged down with comparison and expectations. This song is meant to unify people through our messiness and celebrate the strength it takes to keep moving forward despite the struggles."

Cuja's debut EP simply titled "Vol. 1" is filled with infectious bops with powerful undertones of feminism.

She told Celeb Mix, "When I was writing this EP, I was really inspired by the different relationships I’ve had. I knew I wanted to write about love, but I wanted to create a very complex picture with many angels. Each song is a little snapshot of a bigger story, but to me, the most important thing I wanted to communicate was the feeling–the emotions–of a single moment. When I was playing around with titles for the EP, I had several that seemed to create a nice umbrella for each track to sit under, but it didn’t seem right to add to the narrative. I decided to go with a simple title like “Vol. I” to indicate that this is just one installment of the story–and for me as an artist, it’s only the beginning!

Loving the message behind this new Kyd the Band song.
"Wrote this with Elley like 3 years ago. It was one of the first co-writing opps via my publishing deal.  "Easy" started as something for Kyd the Band but originally there weren't any plans to pitch it. Then the demo got to NF and he loved it, and wanted part of it. At the time there wasn't really anything going on so it made sense to let go of part of the song. The story behind "Easy" is such a big part of my story that I knew we had to write more and have it come out at some point as a KTB track. As the very first song that I turned in in terms of cowriting, it’s pretty special to me...
On "Easy" I hope listeners hear some of their own story and I hope they feel inspired to keep going. But I also hope it's a reminder for them, that life is more than the things we pursue and to not lose sight of that.

“Easy” is the reminder I wanted to give myself (and continually give myself) to not lose myself in the game with everything I’m chasing. I feel like I’ve already had to make a lot of sacrifices in my life up to this point, and I’m still a long way from where I want to be. If the day ever comes where I feel like I’ve arrived, I wonder if I’ll be able to look back and say “yeah, that was totally worth it”. But there’s equally this part of me that wants to make something great of my life, and in order to do that, you can’t ever stop and you have to know it comes with costs. That’s just part of the game but I feel like this internal tug of war thing doesn’t ever stop."