New Music Sunday: June 30th 2019

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Maude Latour is making her voice known, her new song "Starsick" follows her two previously released tracks and it just makes us even more fascinated with her.

She says: "Starsick" is everything I have ever tried to say. This song is the epitome of who I am and what I am looking for. I have never loved a song of mine more. I am so scared and excited to put it out into the world. 

The notion of the word "starsick" came to me while I was at Joshua Tree, lying on the roof of a rental car staring at a sea of stars. I was intoxicated with the Milky Way, and that just about describes who I am. As a kid, I was haunted by the concept of black holes. For just a few seconds, I could fully grasp what nothingness really meant. It was my deepest fear as a child, much like other kids who were viciously aware of death at a young age. Nothingness, a void, loneliness, the fickleness of life; they all haunted me with every step.


K. Flay is incredible and her new song "Not In California" is an instant classic.

She says: "We’re not in Kansas anymore.’ I think we all know that sensation. Of being in a place that resembles the world you know, but feels different somehow. and the difference is unsettling and disorienting and scary. Kinda makes you wanna click your shoes together and go back home. to how it used to be. Last September, I went to Stinson Beach, California to write and record songs for the album. The plan was to get out of LA for a week, work with two of my favorite people, and enjoy a bit of nature. Stinson is a small town about an hour north of San Francisco, sandwiched between the Pacific Ocean and the Redwood Forest. In the mornings, we’d run along the water or go hiking through the trees. It felt like magic up there. Sometimes you get glimpses of Planet Earth and it astounds you. So big and wild and beautiful. It’s easy to forget that we’re connected to this Planet. We push and pull, evolving together, giving each other life. These days i’ve been feeling a bit like Dorothy. I see the plastic islands and the melting glaciers and the 24 hour news cycle where people shout because loud seems to win and I think to myself. ‘We’re Not in California anymore’

We love a collab for a good cause. Parson James, Wrabel, and Vincent all teamed up for "Oh Love."

They said, "This song means so very much to us. Three queer men from different walks of life able to sing together on a song about something we all have experienced. Feeling excluded and alone. So many times our lives growing up and even as adults we have had those feelings of being out of place/not belonging and so many other people around the world have to experience that every day as well. Living in LA or NY it’s easy to feel comfortable. It’s easy to wear what you want and express yourself however you want. It’s accepted, even celebrated. But in so so many places that is not the case. And we must never forget that . This song is meant to let those people know that they are not alone. It’s about love above all & We are so happy to involve Dan Reynolds’ LoveLoud organization who’s mission is to end LGBTQ+ youth suicide. All proceeds go to the organization in hopes to end this epidemic."

Clairo has shared another new song from her debut record Immunity. It’s called “Closer to You.” Clairo co-produced the track with Rostam. The song is the perfect preview for her upcoming debut. It features her signature honest lyrics and sparse instrumentals.

She once told Fader, "It's really weird being placed into something like that because it was never an intention to make bedroom pop. I was just making music. All the people that have that genre placed on them are not the first people to have a home studio and and post it on the internet. I kind of feel like it can be limiting because I want to progress and I want to make things that are higher quality. I wanna make music that's meant to be heard."

And she's definitely being heard now.

JUJ is a rising artist from Philadelphia creating music in Los Angeles. Making music for her restless generation, JUJ encourages them to fight for what is right in the world. She sings with the vocal passion of Lady Gaga, the drive of Demi Lovato, and writes with the youthful perspective of Khalid.

JUJ sings to kids from the projects to the burbs who feel trapped in their city and long to change to their world. Her debut EP: “JUJ, It’s U”, bounces with east coast melodies like Jon Bellion and reflects the swag and strength of the city she grew up in.

Her song "Mood" with Vic Mensa makes it clear that she's the next big thing.

Our sad queen has returned with her new song "Dancing With Your Ghost."

She said on Instagram, "this song is a very very special one for me... wrote it alone in my bedroom and now it’s here i hope you guys like it." 

Sloan perfectly describes the emptiness of loss. She sings, "Yelling at the sky, Screaming at the world, Baby, why'd you go away?, I’m still your girl, Holding on too tight, Head up in the clouds, Heaven only knows where you are now." 

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