New Music Sunday: March 1st 2020

emilytreadgold #1, New 9 Tracks

Magdalena Bay has quickly become one of our fav DIY pop duos. Their sound is so unique. Their latest, "Airplane" has been stuck in my head all day.

Mica says, "The song started with a beat that Matt made on a flight, so he titled the demo, 'Airplane' and he sent it to me. I think the title inspired me to write airplane-related lyrics. I was in college at the time and the song is sort of about being close to graduation and looking around at everyone going into very real corporate jobs and me deciding I wanted to do music full time."

I'm always obsessed with Charlotte OC's insane voice and powerful songs.

Charlotte OC tells Billboard, "'Freedom' was such an amazing song to write. I wrote this song for myself and others who feel like they're lost, and that it's totally ok to be lost. It's all part of the process of growing up and it's also the moment when you find yourself entering something great. It's one of my favorite songs -- if not my favorite -- on the EP because after I wrote it, I felt like I was slowly coming into my own and really finding out who I am."

Chandler Juliet really made her mark with "Love Language." We're so into this vibe.

She says, “Love Language is all about loving yourself enough to know what you need, and communicating that to your partner.  Figuring out your best form of communication in love and relationships is so important. I’m so proud of “Love Language” and the next chapter of music I’m releasing this which feels more authentic than ever conceptually and musically. This next project is all about love, self love, empowerment, with a side of sass. I’m thrilled to share this musical evolution of myself as a woman and an artist!!"

If you're not familiar with American Teeth, they need to be on your radar. "Gemini" shows that dangerous duality all in a 2000's punk style that brings us back.

Elijah Noll said, "I’ve always felt like i have two personalities. Two realities that I move back and forth between. Both sides in sway at all times. Like a pendulum swinging. Masculine and Feminine in a wild dance. The most powerful combination. Combustible.”

We love Lxandra's new song "Glide" and how effortless it feels.

Lxandra explains “Glide is the kind of song that just came out very quickly and easily. I wrote it in LA about two years ago. It’s about that feeling when you don’t know where something is going and it’s maybe not good for you but at that moment you just let it be and go with it, just glide.