New Music Sunday: March 28th 2021

emilytreadgold #1, New 9 Tracks

Mia Madden's dreamy voice and shimmering melodies will have you hypnotized. Her new song "Treat Me Like U Did" is such a powerful reminder of self-worth. It's just so easy to get lost in her songs, it feels almost like a meditation, like a mantra you repeat over and over to remind yourself.
Llynks has built a whole world with her new EP, it's absolutely entrancing, the production is flawless and her voice feels unreal. This is next-level ethereal.
Carlisandia's new song, appropriately titled, "New" showcases her light, airy vocals, and it builds into this glittery chorus. It's my favorite combo of sad lyrics with a little disco flair.
Sizzy Rocket is coming for Aries season. "Crazy Bitch" is such an anthem and adding Mothica on the track just brings it to a whole new level.
I love the way Grace Mitchell's songs feel so effortlessly cool. Trader Joe's, Nashville, Mangoes, this song has it all. Grace writes in a way that feels like a page out of her diary and it always feels all too relatable.
Boys World is exactly what we all need right now, this is some classic pop, insanely fun, Spice Girls vibes. This is music that just makes you feel good and I think it's all something we need right now.
Almondmilkhunni's soft, effortless voice just floats over this song. It's so soothing. "Say U Love Me" definitely just puts you in this trance.