New Music Sunday: March 29 2020

emilytreadgold #1, New 9 Tracks

Emo-pop princess Maisie Peters is back with her angelic voice and relatable lyrics.

She said, "the moral of the story is u should always make dramatic diary entries in your notes when your sad and drunk in ubers as sometimes u get special songs out of them."

“In the past, I have been gunning for something at all times, and making compromises along the way. I didn’t do any of that on this record,” Crutchfield says. “If somebody wasn’t available, then I waited. And if something didn’t sound just right, then we made it sound just right.”

“I started to reject the idea that you have to live your life clumsily and be a big mess to write anything that’s exciting or interesting,” she continues. “I am approaching everything in life with a softness, which I think is important to keeping myself in a healthy place. I feel inspired by the idea of writing about exactly where I am.”

Olivia Grace is a dark-pop queen. Every song she releases gives me goosebumps. Her new song "Roulette" really sticks with you.

She says, "Roulette is based on an intensity-relationship that never gave a sense of security or safety. It explores the emotions of trying to make something last that began with a lot of risk and limits."

UPSAHL is our fav when it comes to pure honesty with a sense of humor. She just dropped 12345Sex and said, "12345SEX is a song about sex, thinking about sex, and feeling like a sexy motherfucker. I know we’re all sitting around in quarantine maybe not feeling so sexy, but I hope this song helps." We couldn't love her more. 

Merci Raines is always amazing. Her new empowering song "Hey Boots" has been on loop. She says, "This one is ultimately about walking your own way. People will try to tell you who to be, who to be with, what to do for work, what to wear, and the list goes on. Tune it out. Pave your own path. You’ll face some shit for not conforming, but it doesn’t compare to living a life that’s not your own."

Cailin Russo is back with a post-Drama gem.

She says, "'Assume' came about when my friend Tyler played the line – ‘I assume you love me, I can’t prove you don’t. If that’s all you tell me. Then that’s all I know’ - with the melody on a pretty beat-down Wurlitzer piano (you cannot beat the soul in that piano). I was immediately stunned. He said he was tinkering with the idea and was wondering if I was interested in singing it. I was instantly infatuated with the song and concept, as I just related to the sentiment so heavily. I stopped everything in production and made this song the priority and new launching pad for me post ‘The Drama’ because it’s effortless. It is soulful and gives you relief.”

SHEARE is brining us some lightness in these weird times. His new song "Tornado" is gorgeous but so is the message he shared on Instagram. He said, "I still believe in what the 11 year old version of myself felt when I listened to the records that made me want to make music in the first place. Music always has and always will exist. Now is exactly the time to be creative and release the music we as artists have worked so hard on. Now more than ever we need music during these weird and uncertain times."

Basia Bulat is so talented and just multi-dimensional. Her new album is next level.

"Throughout this whole record, I was struggling between keeping it together and letting go,” Bulat explains, “between holding onto old narratives or accepting what's before me.” The new record represents this time of death and grief, but also forgiveness, reinvention and love. “I want to make a really beautiful record about compassion