New Music Sunday: March 8 2020

emilytreadgold #1, New 9 Tracks

Casey Conroy always hits the mark on effervescent pop, her new song "Just Enough" is an instant mood-booster.

She says, "In writing "Just Enough", I really wanted to write the kind of song that my sisters and I would jump around singing in my room."

Elle Winter has been on the rise and on our radar for a long time now. Her debut EP "Yeah, No" just proves she's on her way up. Each song is a bop. The title-track is a total vibe. Elle shares, "I want my new song and video to create a sense of solidarity among women who are able to find strength and confidence in themselves even as they are belittled by others who think they need them to thrive, when, in fact, 'Yeah, No.' they don't."

Lauv's pop is perfect for your quarter life crisis. The album covers his struggle with anxiety and depression but also his search for inclusion and happiness.

He told CLASH, "I feel more at peace for different reasons, for example having my music become successful is very fulfilling. Although, for a long time I chased the idea that a certain ‘thing’ or ‘goal’ would make me happy, and I would chase that and chase that relentlessly, and it didn’t work. It never helped me, it was always just like ‘on to the next thing, and the next’. I’ve come to realise, as corny as it sounds, it’s got to be an internal thing, (happiness)."

The Aces are BACK and we are here for this new era. Their new song "Daydream" is a shimmering burst of energy. True-to-form those lyrics hit you like your own memories coming back at you.

"So just hold on to the memory of me
riding in your front seat everyday and I’ll hold on to the smell of your sweater that you wore in December when we met"