New Music Sunday: May 17th 2020

emilytreadgold #1, New 9 Tracks

Charli XCX is an absolute legend and I think she doesn't get enough credit for everything she does, she's like a perfect machine when it comes to pop music. Every. Song. Is. Amazing. And she never seems to stop. 

She posted on Instagram, "this project was a total head rush; exhilarating & emotional from start to finish. i don’t think i’ve ever made an album in such a whirlwind where i’ve been so open & felt so constantly inspired & energized throughout. firstly thank you to all my fans for your constant support & generosity. your ideas & fingerprints are all over this album as much as mine. i couldn’t have done this without u."

Charlotte OC's voice is filled to the brim with emotions. This EP is flawless start to finish, perfect for thinking about your ex and drinking wine.

"A lot of change all at once can really mess with your head. It forces you to think quickly, put a brave face on and start again. This EP goes through my life over the past 2 years and leads up to the present day. From feeling frustration, loss, jealousy and hurt to euphoric love and a long awaited feeling of being content and understood not only by others but by myself as well."

Maty Noyes is one of the best songwriters out there right now, she's got a knack for relatability and also her style is just perfection.

She told 1883 Magazine, "The song is about dating a narcissist. It was the most painful song I’ve ever written because it was someone who presented the illusion and the safety of forever when it truly wasn’t what that stands for at all. It took me a while to learn what it actually means to be there for someone. I was led to believe I had forever. It was coming to terms with, ‘That’s not what love means at all.’ It was a hard awakening for me. It was hard accepting that I had to let this person go because they were really close to me."

Don't get me started on how incredible Maisie Peters is, she just feeds my heart. "The List" is something we can all relate to right now.

She posted on Instagram, "this song is really really important to me, and I really really hope you guys love it. Someone on twitter asked me how much of ‘the list’ I’ve accomplished, and honestly I feel like it changes from day to day; however I do feel like since writing this song, I’ve made at least a subconscious choice to try and tick off some of my list every day, and that counts for something. We all have lists, but we are all much more than our lists, and should all remember that as often as we can."

ALMA was right about to go on tour with Tove Lo before COVID-19 hit and all of our lives were changed. She still wanted to release her debut album as planned and it's the exact energy you need. The album covers her quest for self-confidence, fantasy worlds, and dives deeper into this alt-pop star's mind. We see a whole new side of ALMA, something darker and ready to take on the world of pop as we know it.

Noah Cyrus is one of our favorite sad girls, but in her new song she confesses that she wants to be happy. A feeling we can all relate to, and the touching story behind the song is just too much for our little hears.

She confesses “I feel like a lot of artists these days are riding a bit of a trend of being sad. Like that it’s ‘cool’ to be sad. I was writing this song with two friends and originally the lyric was “I wanna’ be young & sad a little while longer,” but something just wasn’t sitting right with me when I listened back. Like, I don’t want to be sad.  It’s ok to struggle, but it’s not ‘cool’ to struggle. So I sat with it for a while and eventually rewrote it and flipped the lyrics to say “don’t want to be…” once I figured out that that was what was really bothering me.  It was also important for me to start the song with a voicemail my dad had sent me a while ago during a dark period in my life reminding me to keep ‘smiling’ because at the time that he sent that, a smile seemed impossible for me to give. I mean shit, I wasn’t even able to pick up the phone.”