New Music Sunday: May 24th 2020

emilytreadgold #1, New 9 Tracks

Gia Woods is a true pop-queen, all of her songs just hit so hard and "NAIVE" has been stuck in my head since it dropped. She has such a knack for melody it's insane.

"I’ve been in two long-term relationships and when they ended, both my exes said, “you never felt like my girlfriend.” At the time, it was jarring to hear. Looking back now, I realize it's difficult to be fully dedicated to another person when you’re still developing as a person and figuring your own life out. I think it takes dating multiple people to learn what you really want out of a relationship, and when you’re young and naive, you don’t want to believe that."

Nightly is our go-to for chill, dreamy songs that transport us from our cramped apartments for a second. Their new song "you should probably just hang up" brings up memories of all of those long arguments and times you wanted to call your ex. Always follow my rule of blocking those numbers immediately. I promise it's the right move.

Liza Anne is is a force to be reckoned with, her honest lyrics and self-awareness is truly beautiful.

I started this song when I was visiting my parents in 2018. I was reading through old poems and journal entries and circling the drain of my own sorrow stories, which felt like a bit of a wake up call. I have all these ideas of what taking care of myself looks like, but I tend to get in my own way. Bummer Days is me calling myself out. I am the only person who will take responsibility for my emotional and mental health.”

We couldn't dream up a better collab than the dreamiest voices of Ella Isaacson and Gallant. Ella says, "When I started thinking about the concept of expectations - of myself, my life, my career, my family, I just started to write pages and pages of lyrics and poetry. I wanted to tell a story about coming out as who you are and how sometimes in life you start on a path or a direction and suddenly things change. You change or unlock who you really are in ways you didn't even expect. We try on a shoe, that just doesn't fit no matter how much we wanted it to."

Disco Shrine is giving us all the vibes. Her new song "Wanna Get Away" makes us feel like...ugh we want to get away. It's pop perfection and is giving us all the vacation feelings we're missing out on. It's bottled happiness with a dose of cheekiness. We wouldn't expect anything less.

SHY Martin has been churning out absolute bops lately and her latest is no exception.

She says, ‘Nobody Likes Moving On’ was written the day after we wrote ‘Keep You Mine.’ We were talking about break ups and about moving on. In my past relationships I’ve moved to another city after they’ve ended and through that been able to easily have a fresh start, with new relationships and friendships. The conversation led on to our current relationships and I realized how horrible and hard a break up with my current boyfriend would be as we have so many friends in common and work with the same people in the same industry. We’re also completely in love with the same small part of Stockholm where we spend most of our time in the same favorite cafés, shops and restaurants. One of the songwriters came up with the starting line ‘we can build a wall downtown,’ and we continued the whole song out of that simple idea of dividing up friends and places so as not to run into each other. In the end breaking up is not easy for anyone who goes through it, and the song highlights that.”

What is it with Scandinavians an there perfect gift for effortless pop? Dagny has never released a flop and she's been teasing so many great new songs. "Coulda Woulda Shoulda" is about not letting the past hold you back and living in the present.