New Music Sunday: May 4 2020

emilytreadgold #1, New 9 Tracks

Speaking about the origins of the new song, Cailin reveals “It’s Cool” actually has a funny story. I wrote it the day I signed my very first record deal. Making me an official artist. I was over the moon. I was at my lawyer’s office and had someone record me signing the contract,” she explains. “I immediately called someone I loved dearly and they kind of ripped me apart and made me feel bad about my newest endeavor and maybe the most exciting day of my life up until then. I drove to the studio from my lawyer’s office It took about an hour. It started to rain as I pulled up to Speak Easy Studios. I had my first session with Kyle Ross. I walked in and said ‘Fuck everything that was geared up to write on today... do you play guitar?’ He said yes… I asked him play 4 sad chords. And thus ‘It’s Cool’ was born. The song to me is about when you’re passed the point of upset. You’re passed the point of anger, you’re so over heated that it’s cool.”

"Hollywood is burning, but here I am dancing among all the flames," oh my lord Minke why do you have to come at me like that?

Minke's our sad queen always and forever and this song is no exception, the light piano and her delicate voice is always a perfect combination.

"And just for full disclosure
If I didn't think I was on your mind
I'd probably be elsewhere tonight."

Ugh brb im crying.

Emily Wells is here to give us some feelings. Her new song was recorded with just the necessities.

It was recorded solely by Emily in her Harlem studio during the summer of 2019, she reflects, “I’m interested in getting another look at a song, both in performance and recording. It keeps the song a living thing. I began working on these recordings out of curiosity. I wanted them to be the sort of thing a person could put on quietly at the end of the day on a little speaker and watch the light drain.”

Lani Renaldo brings us BANKS mixed with The Weeknd vibes and we're all about dark pop right now. The moody track features a mosaic of synths, gliding atop funky melodies, a confident bass-line and punchy percussion.

The song is the perfect precursor to her upcoming EP NOHEARTBREAK2020, an examination of heartbreak in your 20's, the EP was entirely writted, produced, and performed by herself.

 Lani reveals, “It’s for 20 somethings that are transitioning and going through a new phase in their life.” The EP touches on women and sexuality, emphasizing the significance of being comfortable with who you are, whatever that may be. Through unbearably honest lyrics, Lani’s goal is to show others the importance of self-acceptance and to encourage others to be themselves, be uncomfortable and be truthful. 

Moxi is looking out for our mental health with this introspective song.

She says, "I wrote this song two years ago on my bedroom floor. Since then it’s taken on a life of its own. 💎
Hush is about pain. Feeling it all, being here in the emotions and letting them come in and out. Pain can make you so present. The song is about feeling like you are losing your ******* mind, which I feel on a regular basis if I'm being honest. For my bbs."

Jamie Hannah lives in his own world. His new song "Magic" is absolutely stunning with sweeping melodies and introspective lyrics.

The song is about positive thinking and that's exactly the message we need right now, we can manifest our outlook on life and try to get out of this dark tunnel.

Annika Rose's new song Naive is a moody pop song that hits us in all the right places.

Annika shares, “I’d come across some people that seemed to be naïve about certain things and I was intrigued by the fact that this quality seemed to work to their benefit; they’re able to be a chameleon to their surroundings in order to be liked and accepted. In some ways, this person seems fickle and insecure about who they are, and in others their naivety perhaps is the key to living a carefree life, but at what cost?”