New Music Sunday: November 17th 2019

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Following the release of her groundbreaking Number 1 debut album WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO?, Darkroom/Interscope Records artist Billie Eilish has released a brand new song titled “everything i wanted.” Recorded at both their home studio in Highland Park and on the road on tour this summer, the track was co-written by Billie Eilish and FINNEAS, her sole collaborator, producer and beloved elder brother, and is a touching tribute to their kinship. “This song is one my brother and I wrote about each other.” Eilish revealed to her fans today. “No matter what happens, we always have been and will be there to make it better.”

MishCatt - alter ego of Michelle González - is the sultry voice from Costa Rica who grew up singing, playing guitar and piano, and using music as a sanctuary for expression and sonic exploration. Now based in Los Angeles, the singer-songwriter and multi-talented artist is back with her newest offering "Blue Blood," the first single to be revealed off her forthcoming EP The Real Pavo. MishCatt says of the single: "'Blue Blood' is about remembering an affair you had one summer, but with the blue melancholy, cold tones of fall. It's about an adventure, feeling very connected to a person you just met, a true authentic connection, mixed with the sadness that you may never have that feeling again."

“‘Lovesick’ makes me cry for a lot of reasons. I learned about lovesickness from a college class. We read so many texts like Sappho, or Virgil’s Aeneid where love is treated like a disease. It used to be diagnosed by doctors. The thing is, lovesickness truly is so physical and all consuming. It affects my immune system, my clarity and the way I’m operating. It’s insane how powerful heartache is, it is the stuff of life. This song is about these feelings; acknowledging their power, letting it go and being grateful for how lucky we are to feel any sort of connection between people despite how much space there is in the world. The chorus here is truly a choir. I was feeling so fed up with hooks and song structure and insisted on writing a choir of different parts overlapping to make an angelic symphony. This is ‘Lovesick.’”  Maude Latour

"Born To Rule is about stepping into your power. So much of our struggle is within- facing off with millennia of external negative stories about ourselves that have become internalized. The truth is-you are the only author of YOUR story. You get to decide what breaks you, and what makes you stronger. So much of becoming who you are is getting out of your own way. Who’s telling you you aren’t enough? Is it everyone else? Or is it you, anticipating/accepting what others might say? You are infinite. You are fierce. You are capable of anything and everything you can dream of." - Transviolet

Violet Days have been one of our favorites for a long time now, they have this perfect way of making pop music but sad? It's catchy but it has so much depth in the lyrics. Lina's angelic voice over the flawless production doesn't hurt either. Their new EP "Lovers & Losers" is the perfect package. The haunting cover of "Let it Happen" and the quirky "Libertines Jacket" it just all rounds out to the embodiment of who they are. It's about love and loss and finding who you are.

"Like all songs in this series, this song involves a breakdown or barrier in communication both in the digital and physical worlds," Shadows says of the song. "In the most literal interpretation, "practice" is an imaginary conversation with a bridge jumper, beginning with a retroactive plea for them to check their Twitter mentions as they might've seen the outpouring of love left for them before they made an irreversible decision. The chorus is a sentiment that someone once expressed to me in a dark hour: that love is a process, something in constant refinement, something never damaged beyond repair, somewhere that you can always return. This message reached me at a necessary moment, and I wanted to forward it musically with the hope that it might reach someone who needs to hear it right now." - Luna Shadows

Over the course of the past year, FLETCHER has unveiled a series of songs that explore the many stages of post-breakup grief – beginning with “Undrunk” in January, which Billboard hailed as “the First Great Breakout Pop Song of 2019.” With her latest release, “One Too Many,” she’s one step closer to closure. But while the verses declare “I’m done with coming undone,” she launches one last salvo on the brutally honest, supremely relatable chorus.

The EP picks back up with “Last Time,” a track that takes on the conflicted rush of emotions that come encountering an ex, dials the energy right back up, with a punchy, in your face chorus offset by softer verses complete with ethereal humming.

“Headphone Season" is a no-time-for-your-drama, hangover mood board. RALPH explains, “I’ve always wanted to write a song about how frustrating it is to have a stranger on the street tell you to smile, it boils my blood.” It's a bop for any of us who've wanted to just wear our earbuds all day, and avoid any conversation whatsoever. So, you know, all of us.
​​​​​​​“Sunday Girl” is yet another leap into a different world for RALPH, with a beat so joyous and verses so intent on worming right into your ears that it wouldn't feel entirely out of place in a  K-Pop universe. Mined from a surprisingly somber mood – “It reminded me of the pains of casual dating, when all I wanted was to hang out on a Sunday and drink coffee and go for a walk together” – it’s still a genuine blast.


“It’s my favorite song I’ve ever done. It literally brings me to tears. The story is very personal but also relatable. The song literally describes someone watch you deteriorate as a human and not doing anything about it,”she continues. “It’s so sad to realize you’re in a relationship with someone who knows you’re hurting, but won’t help change the situation.” - Cailin Russo

One night after “some” wine, my dear friend Matt brain stormed a music video concept - a lead character who keeps catching brief glimpses of this recurring person, but every time they try to see their face, the stranger is obstructed by something then disappears. When I reached out to Rosanna Peng, a talented Toronto/LA director I admire, I floated this idea for the ‘Looking For You’ video...and she was totally down. Her videos are so unique and aesthetically driven that I knew she could nail it. After  adding our own personal quirks and trademarks, we managed to create a visual story that we feel encompasses the feeling of the song perfectly. The dreamy bedroom scenes (my own bedroom!) connect to the honest, intimate lyrics, while the colourful styling and character intros keep the video light and fun. It’s not about desperation or needing someone to fulfill you, it’s about excitement and the myth of “'love at first sight.'" - RALPH