New Music Sunday: November 22nd 2020

emilytreadgold #1, New 9 Tracks

Dasha is back with a gorgeous new song and it's the perfect vibe for right now. 

She says, “Better Than She Did' started as a melody idea in my voice memos. I had no idea where the song was going-all I knew is I had the start of something really cool. I wrote the song with my friend Alex Veronneau in his Nashville apartment. I played him the rough idea I was toying with and the rest of the song came so easily. Confusion, jealousy and nostalgia are the predominant emotions when I was writing the song. “Better Than She Did” allowed me to channel all of these emotions - I was pretty hurt when I wrote it and I think you can tell."

Tafari Anthony has such a beautiful voice and we can't stop listening to his new EP. We think this is definitely a huge moment for Tafari, and he definitely needs to be on your radar.

He says, "When I think of this project and what it took to get here I can’t help but remember the challenges. I had spent about a year chasing and begging people to work with me. To no avail, I spent that year living off of “yeah totally, I’ll get back to you”, and of course they never did. I knew I had the vision in me, and was fed up with trying to challenge the way they saw me. My previous work may not have fit into what’s “cool”, I was this thick black gay man doing this thing that wasn’t contemporary R&B, but yet I oozed soul from my voice."

KITTEN always delivers and we can feel that energy through their music even if we can't see their dynamic shows right now.
Singer Chloe Chaidez says, "It's a bizarre time to be alive. We have history at our fingertips. Teenagers wear Joy Division t-shirts, and moms listen to Drake. 'What Year Are We In?' is a funny question to pose, but it also feels like the simplest way of conveying a feeling."

Emily Vu's EP is here! We are beyond proud of her, she's really the new wave of artists making a name for themselves.

"Found means so much more to me than anything I've ever put out because it's full of projects where I feel as though I figured out who I am,” Emily explains. I was so lost and out of touch with myself to the point where I would cry and kind of be super sad about how I was feeling. Since I've been doing what I love for a year now, I think I've gotten a good grasp on who I am and everything I want to be.”