New Music Sunday: November 29th 2020

emilytreadgold #1, New 9 Tracks

Rina Sawayama is crushing this year and proving she is the next big thing. Her new song LUCID is exactly what you expect, heavy sparkling pop with insane energy.

Rina says, "It’s about living a different life through dreaming, whether it’s to be with the dream girl or to be the dream girl. Me and Lauren Aquilina wrote this together on the floor of my tiny rented living room back in early 2018. BloodPop® sent us the beat and the melody flowed out so easily that I remember at one point I started hoovering cos I knew this would be easy to write lol. I’ve kept this song secret for two years so I’m so excited to finally release it to the world! 2020’s been a tough year so I wanted to finish it off with a dance bop to take us into a more hopeful 2021."

I am LIVING for this Miley era, the 80's tinged album is definitely a twist for her but she maintains all of that attitude we love of about Miley. Her raspy voice and growls just emphasize the fierceness coming through each track. The Billy Idol and Joan Jett features perfectly compliment the theme. Miley is definitely back in a big way. This could easily be one of my favorite albums this year.

Tessa Kaye is someone to keep on your radar, her new song is so honest and you can feel the vulnerability in her gorgeous voice. The floating melodies just get stuck in your mind, she uses raindrop sounds and a waltz tempo that are so soothing.

Tessa Kaye also posted this insanely sweet message to go along with the song, "If you’re needing someone and don’t know where to turn. remember that you are LOVED and worthy of each new day, and every good thing. you are valid right where you are, even in your lowest moments." 

Jade Bird's voice can just break your heart, it's so pure and effervescent. "Houdini" feels so intimate and precious, the soft acoustic strumming is complimented by impeccable drums making this a chill song but it builds perfectly. At the forefront, her perfectly crafted lyrics always get us.

She posted, "It’s about the figures in my past who disappeared without a trace leaving an impact far outweighing their presence." And we totally feel that.

Jae Stephens is one of my favorite artists this year, her new song "Already On It" stays in tune with her effortless melodies and knack for a chorus that always gets stuck in your head. The production in this song is flawless, just like her voice.