New Music Sunday: November 3rd 2019

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American Teeth is coming up fast! Their new song "2late" hits hard.

Elijah shared on Instagram, "I wrote “2late” for my 15 year-old self. Looking back in retrospect, appreciating that i still get to be here making music and experiencing life because i trudged through my lows, and kept going when i wanted to give up. I saw friends my age take their lives, and thought at the time, 'i get it'. That’s a scary thought. When you make it through the hard stuff, you prove to yourself that it is always possible to get through it again, nothing can stop you."

We're all about Julia Bhatt's vibe, her new song "Marco" is about getting over someone after being ghosted.

She told us, "It’s just about the feeling of being ghosted, essentially. It sucks when you talk to someone and everything is going amazingly, but then all of a sudden they have no room for you anymore. It’s confusing because you usually don’t get an explanation, and it makes you feel shitty about yourself. I wrote it so I didn’t feel as shitty about myself."

We've been so into MIREI's dreamy electro-pop vibes. Her new song "Let Me Be" is a statement.

MIREI said: "Let Me Be is about letting go of a relationship that's holding you back from following your own path. I often feel suffocated while I'm in a relationship, and I was wondering why... I realize it's because there isn't balance in it and I'm not given the space I need to be the best version of myself. Traditional relationships used to focus on a man's expectations of a woman and the way a woman would cater to him, build a family with him, but that's changed with our generation. A healthy relationship should be an equal partnership, where both people in it are able to pursue their goals and dreams while supporting each other."

It's clear that we have an obsession with Violet Days, like when have we ever not fallen completely in love with one of their songs? Never, it's never happened. They just released this gorgeous and haunting cover of Tame Impala's "Let It Happen" and we can't think of the song the same way again.

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