New Music Sunday: October 13th 2019

emilytreadgold #1, New 9 Tracks

Julien Baker's incredible ability to make us cry is a true art. Her new song "Tokyo" is peak Julien, with lyrics like "Never learned how to come down without burning up on the runway" and "Like a hotel patron in your bed, A postcard, no return address" she makes something as simple as a trip to Tokyo into an introspection about her ability to love. 

Illicit Ghost's new song "Rabbit Hole" is perfectly timed for mental health awareness. 

She told Instagram she, "wrote it cause it's hard for me to talk about things when they are so real and it's just easier to just sing it."

We feel that. She once told us she gets inspiration from her everyday life. "I do get a lot of ideas from being out and being around people, and I can sort of hear melodies at random times. And then as far as lyrics go, I like to just kind of do that at home and just kind of spit out whatever I'm feeling."

Jenna Raine has the sweetest voice and her songs just keep getting better. She's been on tour with In Real Life and you can tell she's been waiting to drop this one.

"You Can Blame Me" is a fan-favorite live. She sings, "Wind in our hair, we were feeling the vibe, You and me driving down Broken Bend Drive, Saying it's the first time you feel free, You can blame, you can blame, you can blame me." 

So cute.

A R I Z O N A continues to push their music to the next level.

"'Problems' is one of my favorite songs on the album" Zachary shares. "We are all constantly experiencing growth, so we are never exactly where we want to be in our lives and that is okay. Even though there is a dark side to this song, making it energetic and bright like we did was a way to celebrate the changes in our lives. We hope that the listeners know they are not alone if they are feeling imperfect, because we all feel that way. We all have problems."

Marian Hill, the amazing duo of Jeremy Lloyd and vocalist Samantha Gongol, just dropped "like u do" and we're obsessed.

Jeremy told Wonderland, "it’s about seeing someone you used to be with. And seeing them be so charming and fun and the life of the party, as they always were, and remembering why you fell for them in the first place. But also then having the clarity of time to know that behind that life of the party exterior, there’s nothing good there for you."

Girl Wilde's new EP is so gorgeous.

She shared on Instagram, "i believe in new beginnings. i believe in the uncomfortably that comes with change because that means growth. when i wrote these songs i was going through the hardest time of my life. i was losing friends, i came face to face with the reality that one day everyone i love is going to die, i was learning to deal with PTSD, i wanted so badly to start fresh in my career and life. so i did. and then i fell into a massive depression and didn’t know what to do. some days i couldn’t get out of bed. time felt like it was going so fast and i felt like a failure because i couldn’t translate all of my experiences into music. the one thing that always made me feel better. this sounds extra cheese sauce but the second i started writing these songs i found my purpose again."

Alexander 23 just announced that his his debut EP, I’m Sorry I Love You, will be released on Friday, October 25th, and also blessed us with his new song "See You Later" and we are in love.

He told Instagram, "This song is about saying goodbye to someone you love."