New Music Sunday: October 18th 2020

emilytreadgold #1, New 9 Tracks

We're obsessed with CXLOE's dark pop sound and her new EP is just perfection.

She says, “Having my debut EP, Heavy Part One, out in the world is so exciting and therapeutic for me as an artist. I have been working on these songs over the past couple of years and I finally feel after years of self-reflection, that they each individually represent such an important part of myself.”

Tayla Parx has been killing it lately and her latest song "Residue" is incredible.

“It’s about one of those moments when you try to get somebody off your brain or heart,” Parx says of “Residue.” “You’re confessing, ‘I’m trying to get rid of you,’ which is another one of my unhealthy coping mechanisms. In certain cases, you’re being avoidant and acting like it was never there versus finding solutions to the problem head-on.”

Icona Pop and SOFI TUKKER are a collab blessed by the gods, "Spa" is giving us so much life right now.

Icona Pop says, “We’ve been huge fans of SOFI TUKKER for a long time and doing this collaboration was really a dream. It was pure creative happiness in the studio and even though it was our first time working together it all felt so natural. This song is weird in the very best way and we hope that people can have a rave spa at home while listening to it.”

Nova Miller's new EP The Passion embodies everything we love about Nova, vintage vibes, insane vocals, and catchy choruses that you'll be singing for days.

Nova Miller says, "I found my passion so early in my life, I just knew music was my purpose. I could feel it. Music is where all my drive comes from, it makes me work hard, it makes me wanna improve, it pushes me, it makes me who I am. I wanted to put that into this EP! Passion isn’t always just love for someone else. I have passion for my vocals, my love for myself, my fans, my work. This is a fun, fruity, loving, warm, upbeat, sweet, and confident project. This is The Passion!"

I feel like Luna Shadows never stops working, all of her songs have this cool, dangerous feel to them.

She says, "Where some of the other tracks on 'Digital Pacific' focus on digital miscommunication, this one celebrates tiny moments of connection - exchanging memes with the one you love, getting so caught up in conversation that your phone dies, setting your face as someone's lock screen, and so forth. Intended to be a modern lullaby and millennial offering, I consider it the most intimate track on my album. In its quietest moments, it aims to exchange the digital world for the analog, to capture that moment before bed where you turn your phone on silent and your brightness down -- until the glowing and ringing begin again in the morning."