New Music Sunday: October 25th 2020

emilytreadgold #1, New 9 Tracks

ABISHA is one of our favs for good reason, you just can't get her songs out of your head and they have so much personality. "Time Alone" is the perfect reminder for anyone who needs some extra self-care. 

She explains, “I wrote the song about needing to escape and have a minute to myself when I’m struggling with feeling down or overwhelmed. I wanted to make the song uplifting in order to normalise it and make people feel like it’s okay to feel like that sometimes, we all do. It’s okay to take some time out, bury yourself in your covers and just zone out and breath.”

Tafari Anthony has such a beautiful voice and his melodies are so sultry and unique. His new song "No Good" is definitely something we can all relate to.

Tafari confides, “It takes a lot of self-reflection to be able to realize these patterns in ourselves and even more to get out of them once we are aware. No Good is the comedown and reflection after Centerfold’s blow up! Realizing that you crave the unhealthiness of the relationship. Personally, I often let people treat me like shit for way longer than I should - but once I’m done, I’m done.”

KTJ & Carly have come a long way. They have a knack for dreamy melodies and those perfect harmonies. Their music is pop perfection but with so much depth. Their debut EP "Identity" is perfect for the young artists who are finding out exactly who they are and what they stand for.

They said on Instagram, "This is a collection of songs about someone finding their own identity. we go through the journey of conflicting outside forces like social media, appearances, relationships, depression, pretending, facades, strangers, and distractions. this body of work means a lot to us, and we spent most of quarantine working on it."