New Music Sunday: October 4th 2020

emilytreadgold #1, New 9 Tracks

mxmtoon's music is just so ethereal and dreamy that it's the perfect escape for any dull days. Total main character energy, each song is shimmering with effortless melodies and lyrics that could've come straight from a diary. This is the perfect album for road trips to escape the dullness of every day life now. It's like one long daydream that you don't want to escape.

Kelsy Karter's debut album is here and it's a whole vibe. It's dripping with attitude and that hint of danger that we love about her music but also shows her vulnerable side.

She shared, "I started this album when I was in an extremely dark, angry and depressed place. I saw no light at the end of the tunnel. I didn’t recognize who I was. I was in pain and I caused pain and I hated myself for it. But through it all, I rediscovered my curiosity and my wonder. And most of all, I found myself again. Hence the title MISSING PERSON. Toward the end of writing the record the songs became more about happiness and embracing my individuality. You can hear the change in them because there was a change. It’s ok to be a little messed up. It’s ok to make mistakes and lose yourself, as long as you find your way back."

Tayla Parx new EP "A Blue State" feels like the perfect slice of her artistry. The vocal production and gorgeous melodies are soothing and uplifting you can feel how authentic it is. From her timely "What's Going On" cover to the wildly infectious "Everything Is Everything" to the beautiful message behind "I Smile" this might be a small project but it packs a punch.

Brasko's new song "The Standard for Kids in the USA" is a wild ride from the get. The number of shifts in the song parallels his state of mind. From an outrageous amount of brashness to complete honesty, there's no holding back.

The easiest thing to do is breeze over your internal flaws, the real danger comes from yelling at them in the mirror and slicing them out. I think that’s what Brasko does in this, he slices all the bad out and lays it out on the table for us to see. 

Winona Oak's voice is so pure and angelic and her music is gentle and powerful at the same time. You can tell this one is so personal.

She shared, "For me the piano symbolizes all my fears and darkest secrets, all the repressed emotions that I’ve been running from. Like a song playing far away in my subconscious. I must find the courage to face it, I have to break the silence in order to heal. But sometimes I just I wish that I didn’t feel anything at all - and that’s okay too. I love you guys, hope this one can find it’s way into your hearts."

IRIS has such a gorgeous voice and her new song "Today" is an upbeat, vibey track that's a total dopamine booster.

On the message she hopes fans take away from her new song, IRIS exclusively shared with Culture Collide“Remember that you will always be you and that’s something to be proud of. Live every day the best way you can and don’t let anyone dim your shine.”