New Music Sunday: October 6th 2019

emilytreadgold #1, New 9 Tracks

bulow has been on a quick rise as the next gritty pop star, her new EP "The Contender" just solidifies that.

She told us a long time ago, "I want my fans to not mistake honesty for weakness. Sometimes you have to be a bit vulnerable but that’s the price you pay, and it is so worth it. A little bit of beauty in this sometimes ugly world can go a long way."

Her honesty and vulnerability is what keeps us coming back.

King Princess just can't help but release perfect songs, I swear. She describes "Hit the Back" as "the anthem for bottoms everywhere."

The song starts out sweet and simple but builds into some sweaty action, she sings, ""And ain't I the best you had?/ And I'll let you throw it down/ Hit the back."

Kacy Hill is like our sad but melodic and somehow also happy queen. Her new song "Much Higher" is the dreamiest of dreams.

She told her Insta followers, "'Much Higher' is out now ‼️ It’s yours to keep! I’ve loved it from the moment we started it in MSP almost two years ago. Thank you to @jimestack @beejburton and Francis for making this with me. Listen to it real loud in the car with the windows down."

"We all know break ups are brutal. You miss your ex like crazy and spend so much time and energy trying to get over them, regardless of who broke up with whom. But when you inevitably see them at a bar or at a party, you’re suspended in this dreamy moment where the only thing that matters is touching them again and reliving those familiar moments of tenderness and passion. ‘Last Time’ is about ignoring that inner voice saying “don’t do it” because even though you know giving in will make everything more complicated, the temptation is too sweet."

Anna Moon always knocks it out of the park. Her new song "Daydreams" really hits home for anyone following their dreams.

She says, "'Daydreams' came to life over a short period of time where a couple of perfect circumstances aligned. At the time, I was in school for aesthetics and on the weekends I was working as a make up artist. All to fund making music. When I had a few days free in my schedule, my husband and co-writer Niko Moon, and I would travel to Nashville to write with producer Jamie Kenney. One day we began discussing the idea of manifesting your reality, a message I really gravitated to. I knew immediately I wanted to write something that played with that idea, because I found it so inspiring. This song is less about wanting a ‘Hollywood first class life’ and more about believing in yourself and believing that you have what it takes to get you there.”

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