New Music Sunday: September 14th 2019

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We are ALL ABOUT Elijah Noll and Colin Brittain's new project American Teeth. Their new song "Chemicals" serves as a perfect send off to summer, featuring a party anthem-worthy chorus complemented by an experimental, yet infectious beat.

Elijah says, “chemicals is about getting way too fucked up in the pursuit of someone i was into”

We've all been there.

Leah Capelle unleashes her latest offering "know me better." Reflecting back on the stages of grief and inevitable mourning when losing someone dear to your heart, Capelle crafts an all too relatable coming-of-age tune. She elaborates: "It felt as though my apartment had been sliced in half – only half of the art, instruments, and books were missing, but our place – now my place – which had once been a safe haven, felt like an unbalanced prison. I noticed that all my plants were dying, which seemed like a surprisingly accurate symbol for what had just happened, and I started to sing quietly – the words bouncing off the vaulted ceilings and dirty windows back into my mouth: ‘Don't you think it's funny that I haven't left the house, though this place is soaked in memories, and I cannot get them out?’... I wrote the first iteration of 'know me better' alone at the table, with nothing but the gut-wrenching feeling that I had been abandoned... The song evolved as I healed, and I came to terms with my contribution to the pain... 'know me better' is a breakup song for the hurting, for those trying to put the pieces back together, and for those who might need to just dance-cry the pain away."

UPSAHL has been crushing it lately, she's opened for PVRIS and Tessa Violet and it ready to take on the world. Her new song "Smile For The Camera" is a whole vibe.

She says, "'Smile for the Camera' is an ode to my generation. We’re the generation that doesn’t put up with bullshit. We’re comfortable in our own skin.  We move fast, and we’re unapologetic to anybody that stands in our way."

I'm so obsessed with Nina Nesbitt. She's just amazing. Her new song "Black & Blue" is about dealing with self-doubt and being your own worst enemy.

She posted an Instagram of all the hate comments about her and said, "the song is about being your own biggest hater, hence using these comments lol. it’s about the voice inside your head that makes you doubt yourself and question everything you do. I really feel like you can become your own worst enemy sometimes. it’s all about retraining your brain and the way you speak to yourself... which is very hard to do!"

Haters gonna hate but we love Nina forever.

We love a collab and Ella Vos always knows what's good. 

She says, “When I heard Gavin’s song I immediately connected to it. I've been someone who’s definitely not been vulnerable enough in relationships and have many times found myself saying 'sorry for the way I am.' I love the lyrics and I love how our voices sound together.”
Gavin echoed a similar sentiment, explaining that the duo were able to "relate a lot outside of music" which made writing process a seamless experience. "I love when people are pushing to be the best versions of themselves," he writes, "and Ella is a perfect example."

IYVES is giving us all the feels with this powerful song.

"'My Way' is a feel good, self empowering song. I wrote it in a time when the music industry was getting me down and I felt defeated by all there is to work through to be heard and get opportunities. I have come across people who are very quick to tell me what I should do but, then never show up when it comes down to it. This song is all about owning and loving who you are and pushing out any self-doubt or toxic things that just bring us down.

Our fave glam pop-star Brasko is back with another taste of his upcoming album.

He says, "I heard too many men writing lyrics like “her hair was golden and she had ocean blue eyes” calling themselves poets. It’s been said. It’s bullshit- and other types of beauty needs poetry too"