New Music Sunday: September 29th 2019

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Nightly has been on a roll. They're literally on tour right now but are still blessing us with sweet, shimmering songs that will be stuck in the back of our brain.

Today they dropped "This Time Last Year" and we're obsessed.

Jonathan Capeci says, "the song is the feeling of being one year older and one year removed from a relationship. doing all the same things you did, just without that person. it’s like deja vu. we recorded this song january 2019 in nashville. this one’s for you <3

I cannot get enough of Charlotte Lawrence. Her music is just that right hint of darkness and vulnerability and it's absolutely breathtaking.

She told her social followers, "NAVY BLUE is out tonight. 9pm pacific time/ Midnight everywhere else. This song is so important to me, one of those “turn your pain into art” type of moments. hope it can affect you all in one way or another."

Noah Cyrus has been getting into her feelings lately and I am HERE for it, ugh love my sad girl.

Her new song "Lonely" is just about that...she's tired of being lonely.

In a statement she said, "'Lonely' came to me during a really dark time in my life and is about self struggle and feeling out of place. But the amazing thing is that it put me on the path to getting help and I hope it does the same for my fans who need it."

Beyond The Sun is in their new "Shuffle" era, the era of their new record set to release this fall, their lead single "Holidng on to You" is absolutely perfect.

Abou their new "Shuffle" vibe, the band said, "The theme of this record is flowers. Besides it being “trendy” or whatever, our mom has been a florist pretty much our whole lives and we wanted to incorporate her talent into our art. / “Shuffle” as a whole is about diversity & pushing the boundaries of what a band could make. As you’ll start to see, the flowers are all different but the colours are all the same. Representing how our different styles of music fit together in unity, because the songs are all coming from the same place, the 3 of us."

So cute. So previous. We love.

Greytopia is another planet brought to you by the one-and-only Karolina Rose. We love this vibe so much.

She said, "It’s a little planet I created where we only support each other and follow our highest path without judgement, swirling emotions included."

Adding to her followers, "Am I too much? Do I try too hard? Should I hold back? I’m exhausted and judging myself very hard in a sleepless night. I wish I could go to Greytopia, for reals. I live in fantasy at least half the time."

We love.

Yoke Lore released his new track "Dead Ringer" in anticipation of his North American headline tour. The stirring single is debuted alongside a remix by Young & Sick. The song, which grapples with Adrian's interpretation of pace and emotion, gets an EDM take with Adrian's wistful, hypnotic vocals over an upbeat dance melody.

Of the track, Adrian explains, "'Dead Ringer' is about pace. I like to move fast because I believe in progress over perfection. I get over things fast and like to move on to the next thing quickly. It helps me stay unattached. So that I don't get bogged down by loss or defeat. Because I'm also a sensate. I feel heavily and take the world personally. So I use to speed to defend against my faults." He expands, "but when you move quickly, you miss certain aspects of the journey. I could be missing out on some really wonderful information that I would get if I stopped to smell the roses once in a while. I worry that when something or someone really important comes around, I will be moving too quickly to catch it or them."