New Music Sunday: September 8th 2019

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21-year-old New York City polymath Blu DeTiger returns with her third-ever single, "Tangerine." With effortlessly cool vocal delivery and an indelible bass hook, she navigates the retro-pop track punctuated by vinyl scratches, horn stabs, bubbling guitar grooves and blipping synths.

Speaking on writing "Tangerine," Blu says: "This song is special to me because it's a dreamland version of my influences. It's a strong bass-driven groove with unique parts coming in and out. There's a vulnerability in admitting what you want. ​​​​The song is about going beyond that initial step and creating the environment you want. 'The crown look good on me, fresh like tangerine, I wanna write my name on your walls' — It's flirty, cheeky, empowering, badass, and the groove just glides.​​​​​​​ I had Tom Tom Club in mind when I recorded the guitar, James Brown for the stabs, classic hip-hop for the scratches, sprinkled in with some more modern synths and sound effects."

Up-and-coming artist Asmik just dropped her song "Nice" and we love her whole vibe.

Inspired by the likes of Michael Jackson and Jazz classics such as Ella Fitzgerald, Etta James and Aretha Franklin, it’s evident as to where Asmik credits her soulful vocal tone. Elements of her love for EDM artists such as Rufus Du Sol, Diplo and Kygo, also bleed into her sound. “I’m inspired by who I am today because I am at the point in my life where I trust myself more than ever. I want my music to encourage all girls to be confident and appreciate themselves”. 

Charliiii our girl! Bringing the collab always. We just love how much she works with other artists, it's how the music industry should be.

She says, "We are all very different artists but coming together on this song felt so special and right. Clairo and I made a load of songs together in my studio in LA one afternoon at the beginning of the year. None of them were this song but it was so easy to write with her that the second I came up with this idea separately I sent it over to her and she came back with loads of ideas. We sent over this idea to Yaeji too and she did a really beautiful verse. It sounds so intimate. It’s one of the most intimate moments on the album. We shot this artwork in Barcelona. These two women are really kind, talented and brilliant. I enjoy both of their music so much. I’m happy we have this song together."

DREAM COLLAB!!!  Tove Lo and Kylie Minogue truly made some magic with their new song "Really don't like u."

Tove Lo says, "Even though it’s now out, I still can’t believe Kylie is on 'Really don’t like u'!! Kylie and I met last year at an AMFAR event in Hong Kong; when she said she wanted to work together I made serious mental note! Once I felt I had the perfect song to share with her I just hoped she would love it and want to do her magical thing to it. She did, and I couldn’t be more thrilled and honored to have someone I love and respect so much on this track and part of Sunshine Kitty.”

Kylie says, "It seemingly came out of nowhere, but when we met last year we said it would be great to work together and with 'Really don’t like u' came the perfect moment. She has that amazing Swedish pop sensibility but her very own style and has carved out her own path within the music industry."

“We say ‘I love you,’ but we ain’t together/Do you think labels make it taste much better? Darling do you think if I talk enough/I will make you want to be mine?" - King Princess just kills it every time. 

She also enlisted Father John Misty for the track. She posted on Instagram, "Thank u to my special @dark_waves @malchicoff and @tranterjustin !! We made this together and I love u all. Special thanks to miss father john misty for ur drums and @djdahi for working on the track and recording my lil guitar solo at the end." 

Polartropica is living her best life, her new song "Can't Hold Us Back" is described as an anthem for underdogs.

She told Line of Best Fit, "I wanted to dedicate this as an anthem for immigrants to honor their journey, hopes, dreams and the struggles they face. I wanted to also thank and honor those that have come before us, as well as allies that have come out to advocate for and support those in need. I wanted to write a song as encouragement, but also a reminder to support one another and those in need that are here for the same goals we all share - in wanting to live and build a better life for ourselves, future generations and our communities.

Just a sweet reminder that 🍒 YOU ARE UNSTOPPABLE + nothing can hold you back from living your most extra, dream life!!

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