New Music Alert: The Night Game “Photograph”

emilytreadgold #2, News

Our love for The Night Game has been well-documented. They put on a stellar live show and they just keep delivering. The latest release “Photograph” just brings up all the feels. The slower pace and dreamy melody will really stick with you. The song is about the memory of someone that you loved and the only thing you have left is those memories and that one piece of nostalgia.

The lyrics sum it up, “But it’s gone in the past but we’ll always be together in the photograph. Though our love didn’t last but we’ll always be together in the photograph. I won’t forget all the things she said and the way she looked at me.”

Are you sad now? Are you thinking about someone? Me too guys. Let’s open that memory box and cry for second.

Listen to the debut album and follow on Twitter and Instagram to stay updated.

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