On Your Radar: Chaz Cardigan

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Chaz Cardigan is first artist jointly signed to Capitol Records/Loud Robot and he just released his new single and video, “Not OK!” Loud Robot is the new record label from J.J. Abrams’ production company, Bad Robot. 

Chaz bares himself in the entire song which he shot in an LA bathtub surrounded by gummy bears. This exciting fact should tell you all that you might need to know about this new artist who will be gracing your playlists. 

“Not OK!” is to celebrate human imperfection. Chaz adds, “I started going to therapy last September, and it made me reflect on where certain tendencies of mine came from. ‘Not OK!’ is about realizing that some of these things are just a part of me – and that it’s all right, because everybody’s got something broken about them.”

If you needed another reason to obsess over him, his original song, ““As I’ll Ever Be” will be featured on To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before P.S. I Still Love You’s soundtrack.

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