RAYE Debuts Abstract Visual For Latest Release, “Hard Out Here”

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Pop artist RAYE makes her return to music with brazen new single, “Hard Out Here.” The accompanying music video showcases the artist’s one-of-a-kind style equipped with elaborate outfits, wigs, and dances. Flashy visuals aside, the track’s lyricism is an emotionally charged metaphorical middle finger to the industry.

“Hard Out Here” has a high tempo pop beat laden with synths and claps. RAYE toggles between articulate rap-like verses and melodic vocals. Each verse squeezes between the rhythm of the beat with an effortless charisma. She vocalizes, "You start to wonder why I’m Christian, without the lord I’d take my life for all the times I’ve been a victim, Ohhh no weapon formed against me shall ever prosper.” The track is an ode to her struggles and an anthem to empower others.

The track is RAYE’s official debut as an independent artist, representing her creative freedom. She has been vocal about the struggles of female artists and misrepresentation by labels on Twitter.

Now free from the shackles of her previous label, the popstar is elated to finally release her music. She describes the track, “This isn’t about chasing chart hits anymore, this is about finally being allowed to articulate my truth and express myself fearlessly.” RAYE’s artistry cannot be defined. She embodies creativity in all facets of her art: lyricism, delivery, and style. Her return to music and upcoming debut album is highly anticipated.

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Hayley Tharp

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