Sage Charmaine Is In A League Of Her Own

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Sage Charmaine stands out, not only because of her incredible fashion, but also the diversity of her music. It seems there's nothing she can't do. We talked to her about overcoming shyness, Bratz, and her stellar new EP.

How did you get started in music?

Sage: I started singing at a super young age, like as soon as I can remember first being conscious haha; I began to perform around age 4/5 in my grandpa’s church, and then later started writing songs and exploring more instruments. By around age eight or nine, I was pretty confident music was something I was extremely passionate about and knew I wanted to pursue - so that’s exactly what I did. (-:

Tell me about your debut EP Don’t Leave Me, what’s the story behind the project?

Sage: I wanted to create a diverse ep where I could explore all different kinds of genres like indie/alt and some r&b vibes too. I even have a song that started off as a joke called ‘Around’ where I rap lmaooo - I’d say the whole idea behind the entire thing is the many different ways our emotions can be affected by love and relationships. I called it “dont leave me” because I think that the song ‘don't leave me’ captures this idea exactly. The song is about wanting to get away where it’s just you and this one person that you can’t ever get off your mind and you want them all to yourself. 

I love your style, where do you get fashion inspiration?

Sage: Thank you! I think my fashion inspo varies from day to day and part of it comes from my many years of playing with Bratz (lmaoo). I like a lot of skater-esq fashion and cool printed crop tops. Vans are also always a necessity for me!!

What has been the biggest challenge for you in your career?

Sage: I’d say having to break out of my shell. Starting out my social life super shy, it was apparent I would have to make myself be able to let go and perform on stage/engage w people etc. I’d say this was challenging because I was scared, but I really think my love & passion for music and performance is what really helped me overcome this easily. 

What was a huge win for you? Do you have a specific moment that made you feel like you were onto something?

Sage: I think as of right now, performing a sold out Troubadour show alongside Hey Violet was definitely the biggest win I feel like I’ve had so far, or having CupcakKe feature on ‘Bitter Chocolate.’ The performance felt amazing- I even saw people singing along to ‘June’ which felt indescribable knowing people are able to relate and feel what I’m saying. 

What’s your best piece of advice for young women?

Sage: I’d say to any young woman that if you have a love for something, you should follow your happiness and pursue whatever you want. Especially for teen girls, you’re not “too young” to be taken seriously, and any ambition is attainable if you’re truly passionate about it. 

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