Sev7en Taylor Adds A Bold Twist To A Classic Sound

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Emerging artist, Sev7en Taylor gives a metaphorical middle finger to the haters on his latest release, “THROAT.” Sampling DJ Kool’s 1996 hit, “Let Me Clear My Throat,” the single is an upbeat rendition of an old-school party hit. The accompanying music video showcases Taylor’s charisma and refreshing confidence.

“THROAT” keeps the rhythmic bass and trumpet hook of its predecessor’s beat. Taylor’s verses hover over the melody with an effortless charm. Filled with sexual innuendos and fierce jabs, the rap is an enticing listen. While his bars give listeners a taste of his demeanor, the visual perfectly complements the attitude of the track. The video begins with Taylor listening to a voicemail from a female accusing him of talking to her man. After a quick eye roll and unbothered look, Taylor begins rapping in his lavish apartment wearing a classy black ensemble and shades. He raps, “Cop the diamonds, and the bags, and the boo” followed by a mischievous laugh.

Sev7en Taylor gives the industry a new take on hip-hop. Fans have heard the stereotypical “steal your man” verses from female artists repeatedly. Hearing this from a male rapper, pushing the boundaries of homosexuality within the genre is a breath of fresh air. He is creating a sense of normalcy that hip-hop desperately needs.

“THROAT” is the leading single off Taylor’s new EP, Bless a Bee, available now on Apple Music.

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Hayley Tharp

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