Tink Reclaims Her Independence For A Lively Performance In LA

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Singer Tink creates a spectacle of colors, costumes, and dances at her sold out show at The Fonda Theatre in Hollywood. Following the release of her latest album Thanks 4 Nothing, the show was the second stop on her North American tour. Joined by four backup dancers and an energetic DJ, Tink brought energy and charisma to the historic venue. 

The singer approaches the crowd with black and silver cargo pants and a matching bustier top. The lights dance across the stage with each bass drop. She sings “I’m The Catch” with a confident attitude belting, “You ain’t got the bank account to play with me.” Her fans erupt in commotion, acting as her hype squad. A woman in the crowd throws her hands up and yells, “I know that’s right!” 

Tink casually slips backstage and the DJ takes over to introduce the show’s dancers. A microphone and stand appear as smoke fills the air. The singer is now in a floor length chartreuse gown with halter detail. Her demeanor is more formal and the ambiance becomes intimate. As the lights dim to a purple and pink hue, she calls on her “day one” fans to make noise before performing a few of her older songs. 

She passionately serenades the venue for a handful of songs before slipping behind the curtain for another outfit change. Behind the scenes footage of fan interactions and music video shoots plays on the overhead screen. The DJ begins to incite a chant from the crowd. One side of the building screams, “Tink” and the other, “Squad.” The songstress and her dancers take the stage again, now in red ensembles. The front of the stage is filled with phones and cameras as Tink steps down to greet concert goers. Her breakout hit, “Don’t Tell Nobody” featuring Jeremih plays as the lights beam and flicker. 

Cheers vibrate off the walls as she holds the microphone out to the crowd. They sing the chorus in unison with the beat. The final song “Bottom B****” begins and confetti falls from the rafters as the hook approaches. 

With captivating stage presence and entertaining theatrics, her decade long tenure in the industry proves to be beneficial.

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Hayley Tharp

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