Tori Kelly Acoustic Sessions Show Review

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When I originally agreed to see Tori Kelly, I’ll admit I only knew maybe 5 songs prior to diving into her discography. With that being said, if you have to see her, the acoustic sessions tour is the one to see. I saw Tori about two summers ago at a music festival in my hometown and she graced the stage …

Blu DeTiger and The Knocks Brought The Party To Houston

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Blu DeTiger, the insanely talented multi-instrumentalist played to a packed crowd on Sunday night. She showed up in a sparkling dress with glitter eyeshadow, surrounded by instruments and in her element, Blu was there to turn the audience into her fans. She started with her newly released song “In My Head” a euro-disco bop that shows off her DJ skills …

This Year’s Jingle Ball Was Everything We Wanted

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If you’re me, the end of Thanksgiving doesn’t mean it’s almost Christmas yet – it means Jingle Ball time! In the five years I’ve been in Dallas, I think I’ve only missed one Jingle Ball. It’s truly a show I look forward to every year, showcasing some of the biggest artists of the year singing their top hits of this year and years past. What’s not to love!

The Jacks At Barracuda In Austin

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Every member of The Jacks probably dresses better than you, and they definitely have better hair, but they’re more than just LA pretty boys. They perform with a polished yet energetic precision. Not missing a beat during their shows even when they manage to kick over two beers onstage. They just keep going, as any good rock band should.