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Meet Powfu, the down-to-earth lo-fi hip-hop artist whose journey from the viral success of "death bed (coffee for your head)" to his latest collaboration with The Chainsmokers continues to leave an indelible mark on the lo-fi hip-hop scene. In this interview, we explore the inspirations behind his music, upcoming collaborations, and memorable moments. If you're in search of the perfect study soundtrack, Powfu has got you covered.

How did you start your journey into songwriting, and what initially inspired you?

Powfu: I started making music with my dad at a young age because he was in a pop band(Faber Drive) himself. He taught me how to play the drums and, later on, the guitar. 

You've collaborated with a diverse range of artists, from Jaden Smith to Alec Benjamin. What have you learned from these collaborations, and are there any dream collaborations you'd like to pursue in the future?

Powfu: Working with Jaden and Alec has been very cool. Both seem like sweet people. I don't have any dream collabs at this point. I mostly just work with my close friends like Ollie & Jomie. 

As you prepare to release "Gathered By The Lantern," what are your hopes and goals for this album, and what message or emotions do you want your listeners to take away from it?

Powfu: Gathered by the Lantern has a wide range of genres and stories, which I think is cool. It makes it easy for someone to choose and connect with each individual song. 

Touring can be a unique and challenging experience for artists. Can you share some memorable moments or stories from the road so far?

Powfu: The funniest story on the road was probably meeting the oldest fan I ever met. His name was Hans, and I pulled him up on stage to dance to his favorite song with him. There's a little video of me meeting him and then him up onstage jumping around with me and Ouse in Munich, Germany, on my IG @pow.fu. 

How do you prepare for your live performances, and what goes into creating your setlist for this tour?

Powfu: I drink a lot of tea and do vocal warmups. Other than that, I just chill and eat food, haha. The set list is made up of my old catalog and newer tracks as well. I'm trying to find a nice balance of chill songs and upbeat ones that people can jump to. 

If your life had a soundtrack, what three songs would definitely be on it besides your own?

Powfu: My life soundtrack would have "I'm Just a Kid" by Simple Plan, "Rocky Road Pt 2" by Caleb Gordon, and "do u wanna be mine" by guccihighwaters.

Do you have any plans for future tours or projects you can tease?

Powfu: As future plans go, I got a North American tour on its way this spring and a new song dropping in November with the Chainsmokers! Very excited for them both. Love you all; thanks for reading ❤️

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