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Ash and Gabe make up the Australian pop duo Foley, and if you haven't listened to their music, you absolutely have to now. Think Chvrches meets Charli XCX but add Carly Rae Jepsen's 'Emotion' in the mix. You'll see what I mean. I got a chance to meet the duo over coffee in Austin, and they're just as energetic in person as when they're on stage. We talked about their time at SXSW, songwriting, and of course, pop music. 

So great to meet you two over a much-needed coffee. How is your time in Austin so far? 

Foley: It's been so good. A whirlwind, but we should probably say it's a tornado or something after last night! 

Haha, it seems very appropriate after last night's storm and warnings!

Foley: But we love it here! Everyone is so nice. The music is amazing, and the vibes are on. Everyone's been hospitable and so open. Lots of great people. We're tired but don't wanna leave. 

I bet! What's been your favorite part of South By so far? 

Foley: Oh gosh, actually, we saw this Japanese metal band, nemophila, and it was just such a cool show. To stumble upon something like this was so awe-inspiring. They were incredible talents. You couldn't look away from the drummer. For us, it's meeting people and stumbling upon the music you might not have before. 

It truly is so rare. 

Foley: Yeah, and that's been my favorite. Even linking up with people that we've chatted to over the internet or like, have been fans of us for a while, or have followed us and finally getting to see them for the first time and hang out. 

Okay, so I know while we were waiting for coffee, we were talking about breakfast tacos. But is there a favorite Austin taco that you've had since being here? 

Foley: YES. And I can attest that it's not a proper taco, but it is special. The Korean fried rice taco at Velvet taco was so good. The kimchi on it? It's like it shouldn't work, but it was so right. Another that sticks out is just one from the street. Love a proper street taco! 

We definitely have great street tacos here. So when drawing the inspiration for y'all's music - it's the perfect mix of pop and funk. Who were some artists that have inspired you? 

Foley: Prince, The Commodores, Lionel Richie. I think The Beatles as well. 

I think the cool thing about pop music is that it's just overall fun. Like, the production changes over time, of course, but the theme is there. Is there a specific pop song that is THE pop song for y'all? 

Gabe: I think 'Call Me Maybe' by Carly Rae Jepsen

Ash: I have to say Ariana Grande's 'positions'

Both are great choices, honestly! Which song is your favorite to perform live? 

Ash: I think 'Lost in the Garden.' We really expand it in the live shows because it's only a 2-minute or so song, so we extend it out, and we get the band to really commit to the instrumentation. It's just a fun song to play live. 

Gabe: Since these shows, though, we've really loved playing 'Coffee' live. We did a lot of rehearsals to do the song justice, and it was so awesome. You can just see the magic in the crowd, and they feel it. 

Ash and Gabe, you both have been best friends for years. How does this connection tie into your creative process and songwriting? 

Gabe: Yeah, as you've said, we have been best friends for so many years. So we've got a strong connection with one another, and it's great because there will be days where if something is bothering us, we'll tell each other and open up to one another. And when we get into a room, we'll already know how each other is feeling. So then we figure out what to write about, and we're both instrumentalists and keen collaborators.

Ash: It changes every time. It's different each moment. We used to have a structure, but now that we've written together for so long, it's just different, and now we have found people we love to collaborate with and love and trust what they do. 

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